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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The homecarmeen'

The Wooman walgh een the door. She say, Estorbo!!!!!

I say, Wooman.

She say: Estorbo, I meess' you!

I say, OK...

She corm and stroghe me, keess me. Gard.

The Smoothman corm an' say hello.

Hola, I say. Whaddup?

Para two days the Wooman ees sayeen' to me, Estorbo, when weell you porr?

I say, Wooman, I weell porr when I yam good and ready. An' I ain' ready.

Eef you meess my porreen' press the play bortorn arn my blarg. Si'e bar: tarp righ'.

You doan' leab me por two mornths an' then ged me to porr por you.

I hab standar's.


  1. Estorbo, we missed you so much we had to play with dogs to kill time and ease our sorrow...

    But all is back to normal now. 4 AM wake up calls and the anti-licking red stray jacket... Sigh.

  2. Estorbo, we're glad your hoomans are back so you have access to your blog again! we don't know how you can not purr...maybe you are just purring very very quietly and they will have to put their heads on your side to hear it.

  3. Hello Estorbo - your broders and I missed you TOO much. We are so happy to see you again, purring or not.

  4. itz gude ta hav stndrrds, my brother. stand frrm. [but not fer too long.]

    an, btw, yer lookin gude aginst that orange backgrownd. puts me in mined a that holliday in oktobrr, [now whut's it called again. . . ]

    rrrrRRRRrrrrr [<thatz Mine pretndin she noes how ta do purring.]


  5. I'm very happy the Wooman and Beence are back and you are all together again. I know what you mean about the purring thing, though. I can't play hard to get; I'm just an attention junkie. But the females are good at guilt tripping the humans. Hold out for the feesh, hermano!

  6. You're GOOD, Estorbo. I will have to get you to give me lessons in being stand-offish. Me, I go into overdrive purring mode when my folks get home from even a 1 week trip. And stick to them like glue for several days. I like your style. It is much more subtle than mine. Maybe quiltcat is right, you are purring very very quietly.

    Is Beence saying you have to wear your red jacket again to stop you licking your shoulder?

  7. You don't need to purr yet, Estorbo. Sitting in their suitcase is enough of a statement of feeling. No more holidays for a while, cruel humans!

  8. Estorbo, you are one cool cat!

  9. A purr should be earned, not merely granted.

  10. Estorbo back posting, health care in the works.... such a happy morning!

  11. Hola!We are glad your people are home and you have keyboard control again.And the non-purring? We understand you're making a statement.
    When Dinah and The Man returned, Sporran ran into the garden and hid and I stalked about, on my toes and ready to run.
    But after a "special" meal we gracefully consented to sleep on the big bed with them.