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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Adyosmen' ob status

I was yos geddeen' use' to thees bachelor libe.

Goeen' to bed ad dawn. Sleebeen' teell noon. Eadeen' cheeps an' dreenkeen' beer. Leesteneen' to corteen' edge music arn my iPawd.

All ees larst. The yoomans are retorneen'.

Beeg forgheen' deal.

You leab me, you theenk you can corm bag an' I weell say WELCORM home, my lorbeen' yoomans???!!!


I doan' theenk so.

You doan' lorb me. You yos need me por carmeec reliep.

Fonny cad, haha, make-a us laugh.

Do you lorb me?

I meess you.


Pee Pee Ess. WHY deed I lose worn Followhair? Why, porque, whadeedIdo???Am I nard goo' deenorf? Nard hansome enorf? My wrideen' ees nard eenspireen'?

You wan' naked peectures?


  1. You mean me? Did you notice? Ok then, I'll be a Follower again. I never really went away, you know; I guess the humour of your September 22nd post didn't travel, and I got a bit hoity-toity about it.

    And you know perfectly well those vagabond humans LORB you very much*. And so do I.

    *Make sure you bring them a cockroach or two in the night to show that you LORB them too.

  2. I wan' naked peectures!!

    PS: I can offer you dried feesh if you ask nicely.

  3. Rachel, Dios mio! Een Septembor??? Bod eed was the Wooman's fauld, nard mi! She thoughd I loogh como high courd yodge een the whie beeb. I yam eenocend.

    No, ees more recent defection. I mos' stordy thees sorm more.

    Marisa: I doan know...talgh to Rachel abou' deed.

    Maybe I mail you pribade.

    Pee ess: whad ees thees: "As' nicely?" I no speak goo' dEengleesh.

  4. Estorbo, after all these years, we can't even pretend that we don't love our hooman. We start purring and rubbing on her as soon as she steps in the door, even if she's only been away at work. Then of course we try to talk her into feeding us.... We are so glad that your hoomans will be coming home soon...we are quite sure that they love you and have missed you a lot.

  5. Handsome, handsome Estorbo! I understand that you are soon to become a celebrity. Pictures have been taken. Entertainment Law CATtorneys are being engaged. I look forward to it all. Baci a te!

  6. Storbie, maybe your follower just switched how he or she was following you. For example, I have you listed both as a blog I follow in blogger and also in my list on Bloglines. It is kind of reducndant, so one day I may delete one of the ways of following you.

    Your hoomans have been having a good time in South Africa from their blogs (my Mom has been reading there). There are two ways of thinking about it - one, you could punish them for leaving you and having such a good time, or, two, you could be really nice to them because they are going to be very depressed to have to come back to Noo York. Believe me, there is just no comparison, not to mention that long plane ride over a night which last for about 24 hours. Their knees will be stiff, their clothes will be rumpled, they will have to talk to customs about all the Mrs Ball's chutney and stuff they are bringing with them. Customs will confiscate your feesh. It will take them DAYS to recover. And it is supposed to rain on Sunday again.

  7. Hola! Our secretary is home, but we must wait to dictate our post. Something about a hurricane. (She says Google Uluis for info.)

    Maybe later today...

  8. You know, hermano, we always talk tough when the yoomans have been away ... after all, we have an image to maintain. But we relent in the end. There's just nothing better than good feesh, chicken and petting.

  9. Estorbo, you good-lookin' hunk of a cat you, look at it this way. You had fun while they were away. You had the house to yourself (almost, anyway) and were able to enjoy a little peace and quiet. Most importantly, you did not let us, your loyal readers, down. Thank you for that. And cheers - I'm having anchovy-stuffed olives tonight, I'll let Boo lick one for you...

  10. Did THEY miss you -- who knows? BUT I MEESED YOU! My blog-life is now alive again. Be nice to them or they might not let you blog any more!

  11. well, my brother, all things pass. doan noe if they must pass, but it seems that they do.

  12. I check every day, hoping to find a new post from you, Don Estorbo. I'll be glad when you can write more often. And I know for a fact that the humans have been missing you.