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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Google sorch

I need to fine' my keettens.


  1. Good luck with your sorch! Maybe you can use Google maps!

  2. Are you sure you have keetens somewhere? Might be easier to search for your mama and papa.

  3. this photo is one of my faves!

  4. Estorbo, you DIDN"T!

  5. Have they lost their mittens?

  6. Dear Estorbo

    Do you REALLY want the patter of little paws on YOUR territory???

  7. Goodness! Bobo is having kittens!

  8. Goo luck......thees sorchin' stuff is no eezy.....

  9. mite be eeziur ta let them fine you.

  10. Did you know that for today you have to do a Topeka search instead of a Google search?

    Any luck finding them yet?

  11. Daisy - grazias! I can! I deed!

    Seemba - My mama, my papa..?Oh noooooo. Now I meess my mama! I nebber knew my papa. He was a peeg.

    Karen - gracias. How are you?

    Anne - Smallboice. I deed. *Blosh *

    Ikaika - You know, sormtimes I feel sormtheen' ees meesseen'. So I howl an' howl. Usually stareen' ad a wall. An' the Wooman say' to me, Estorbo, hab you larst your keettens AGAIN? An' I say, Eeeeeeeeep...sob.

    Jane - I theenk so. Gracias por the peectures ob my han'sorm brorders. I yam sorry por bein' soch a BAD carresparndend.

    Donatella - sheet. Now I yab sormtheen' else to worry abou'!

    Leen -'...YES! I yam lonely. I need help weeth the bandido. He has been sleepeen' all weenter. An' I yam all alone. All, all alone.

    Seegreed. No. No no no. I yam nard HABEEN' keetteens. Hey: I hear you gard a fancy guinea peeg. Care to share?

    Bomblebee - eso. Eed ees rorff. Many pelleds are needed.

    Halloween - bod whad eef...they doan' wan' to fine' me? * Gasp* ^^


    Seemba - I Topeka'd those keettens all day.