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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My libe

The Wooman.

Ess reetorneen'...

On Sadorday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I weell ged feesh!

I weell tell hor whad I theenk.

I will sed orp a Truth an' maybe Recarnceeleeation Commeesion.

You weell be call' to testeefy.

[send frarm a hijacgged Iphone]


  1. oh, poor Estorbo... I have been wondering what the heck happened. It was like she forgot to come home or something.... even my DH was asking if Estorbo was back where he belonged yet.....

  2. hey hermano! that betta be sum dam fine fish iz all i can say. that'd be one truth ta set ya free. i doan noe so much 'bout the wreckonsilleeashun part.

    it'll be good to be herrin frum ya agen. missed ya, bro.


  3. Estorbo, you'll never believe the pictures that Wooman has been posting online...all sand and birds and antelopes and camelthorn trees. Not a cat in sight. She must have had a dreadful vacation. I'm sure you'll get plenty of lovin' when she gets back. We've sure missed hearing from you!

  4. We'll testify Estorbo. We have missed you very much and look forward to hearing about the feesh and the maybe reconciliation.

  5. You can count on me, hermano! I'm sure the Wooman will bring you fish and more ... maybe even gemsbok jerky ...

    I did want to thank you again for allowing the beautiful Miss Kehdi to use your blog. She even said "hellow" to me!!!

    Looking forward to your return ...


  6. Bobo! I have missed you so, you've no idea!
    And since you've been my wallpaper for 2 months, I confirm that you're mighty good looking!!

  7. Hola! We have been asking Dinah when is Estorbo coming back?
    If she don' give you real sardines we will have a picket. (We don't know what pickets are, but we hear they are useful when the sardines are canned.)

    Hey, hermano - the word we have to type is aching.

  8. just rememberrd . . . Mine did say she had a note from your wooman sayin that dspyt the glorrrees o the scenry, she missed you. i'm a witness. Mine sed it had an exclam, the parrt bout missin ya -- doan noe whut 'exclam' is, but mebbe itz the fish she's got fer ya. lemme noe, iffen itz tastee mebbe Mine'll get one fer me.


  9. Yeah!!!! She's back and so are you, Estorbo! Time for a big party. You know they say you catch more bees with honey, but I bet you'll get more feesh with purrs.