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Sunday, December 28, 2008

the bleckfootedefrican cat

this is me kehdi waiting for my ma two to come home from krismis i love ma one verri mush but i miss ma two who carries me on huh shoulduh everry morning an takes me for neps too everry aftuhnoon

i was sick a week ago an ma two took me to her flet an prayed me bettuh now i em not so wobbily but i was kwite wobbly before she prayed becaws i fell off the ledge where i like to sleep an hit my little head on the flaw an wobbled did i menshun i wobbled hey kwestion

i waitud an waitud on the doormet and marie found me an sed kehdi selina is not hyuh an i said you are a rockut signtust i no she is not hyuh but i wull wait

i em gettting old now an ma one two are verry wurried about me but what ken i do kwestion i still hev a lot to say an the utha day i tole the people how to make macaroni cheese but thets a long stori
don esboi seys there is a cat ikaika who likes me so he hes good taste an so hellow ikaika how are you kwestion
the end but not yet of me hey kwestion


  1. Goodness, there's more action on this blog than on...yawn...coriolistic. Thank god the the little cratures...

  2. Dear Miss Khedi,

    I am very happy to see your lovely kitty face on Estorbo's blog today. I had never seen a smallblekfootedefrikancat before I saw you on this blog, but I have dreamed about you ever since. I know you are an older, sophisticated kitty lady, but could you like a young tabby boy like me? I am 4 years old, and I think you are beautiful.



    (Thank you, Estorbo, for the use of your blog. And thank you, Wooman, for telling Miss Khedi about me.)

  3. P.S. I hope you are feeling much better now.

  4. Miss Khedi, viva prayer and ma's, viva. Gled yew r beta, yew mus tayk keh, hoor? En keep hecking da blarg, see?

  5. Khedi... is that as in "Here, khedi khedi khedi!" I like her. She's purty. Nice paws.

  6. So...this is the Khedi that Ikaika is smitten with. Smart cat,that Ikaika!
    We all hope you are not so wobbly now, Khedi

  7. Ah Khedi how nice to see you again. We still talk about your counting expertise and now we learn you can make macaroni cheese?! We LOVE macaroni cheese (when we can get it). Sorry to hear you aren't quite the ticket. You look great so keep napping and have others keep praying.

  8. itz good ta see ya agen, miz khedi. pleez be carefull with the ledge napping. i hope miz selina comes back to ya soon and i'm glad yer feelin less wobbily. i'll get Mine ta tell me what 'pray' iz and we will pray too, since it seems ta help.

    ps ikaika seems a very well-mannered yung un. ya mite enjoy a bit a correspondunce from tyme ta tyme.

    pps he dint pay me ta say that.

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  10. Miss Khedi, you have gained my admiration! Such eyes!

    Estorbo, you are invited to play Picture Tag over on Tiria's blog.


  11. Happy New Year, Estorbo! May it be full of feesh, and friends who bring feesh and parcels that are full of feesh and ... well, you get the idea! But especially full of cuddles and excitement. And may Mr. Raccoon soon get his cumuppance! You do know what that means, don't you? I'm sure you have a good Cuban word for it -- not a four letter one but one that is still "so expresseeve!"

  12. Hi Khedi. You are a beautiful cat! Our meowmy is very concerned about you because you look small and ill, and a head injury is not a good thing for a dear lady cat. We hope you are feeling much better soon and that the selena that you are waiting for comes back. And if you would pass along some New Year's wishes to Don Estorbo from us that would be nice, too.
    your friends in USA,
    Louie, Fuzzy, Sylvie, and Gingy

    hmm wv=ginge

  13. Estorbo, we MEEEESS you!! WHEN is Da Wooman coming home and giving you back your laptop (and the lap)????

  14. Where are you, Estorbo??? I keep checking back. Hope you are being well looked after.