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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gues' pose' Farm Trebor

Adho Mukha Svanasana - that's downward-facing *d*o*g* pose to some but us cats, we knowbetter (and would we ever use the *d*o*g* word??!!) . you are right Estorbo, we inVENTED yoga. thisis not PURRfek pose, tail shud be up strate but hey, a boy gets lazee some insult Estorbo - we not know that there's no Haitch in spaneesh, so Lui /Oo-ee is veri OK, we only spikinginglish. That meesers, she must tell a cat when she's changing his email address, huh?? speshly whenhe has the new frenz.that bodega - um, you have the brothers or sisters there? me and huwi/ lui, we had 9, we only knowing2 now, they our brothers sollie and lennie (the lionhart) who live with their meesers in kent inna, estorbo - you one of the other 7?? we think someone they steal you from big hows, put you inna pokit,get onna plane, go to lower east side, deliver you to bodega so yor nice meesers she can find you, yes?Pliz, what is bye in spaneesh?
[Thees me, Estorbo: bye ees Adios. Hey - thees ees creepee. Trebor loogh lighe me, steel. I theenk I yam your stolen brorder whad was put een parket an' smoggled. WHY deed they leave me een a barx een a bodega? I nebber knew my Marder...]

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