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Sunday, March 17, 2013


Oh goody. Ees snoween'.

Ees bedhair than goeen' to the bed. I mean, v-v-v-ed (ees hard: I yab theen leeps).

I yab to go bag. To the forgheen' bed. VED.

The las' bed tole' os, ten days ago "All the bloodworgh ees normal!!" The Wooman bread a sigh ob relieb. Me too. No more bed.

Yeah. Righ'.

Torns oud they nebber measured my T-lebels (Typhoid lebels). They measure my keedney y leeber balues only. My own bed, Dottore Slade, call the Wooman las' weegh to as' how I yam doeen' y tell hor the order Dr, who I saw las' time,  no as' por T-lebels. When she hear thees, the Wooman was...como si dices...?


So now we go bag. Anorder essamination. Anorder forgheen' weethdrawal ob my blord.

$ Ka-ching $

Bod how am I doeen'? you as'?

I doan' really know. Por the las' worn, maybe two year, I am eadeen' seex sharts ob pelleds een worn day. Golden, cronchee, dayeen, dayoud, forgheen' delicioso. Before two year I was eadeen' only 4 sharts a day.

Now? Kaka!

Now, maybe I ead worn, two sharts ob pelleds. I also ead two small pequeno portions ob wed food weeth my drogas meexed een. Y now the Wooman cooghs me cheecken y geeb me raw meat, tambien - or sormtime' smallpiece lamb charp or tuna, because I no ead northeen' else. She geeb me treads, too, maybe 4, 6 a day... She say they hab veetmaneens. Sormtime I feel seeck after I yab eaten: I leeck my theen leeps. We wan' to know WHY I feel seeck.

So. Wha' can I say? Ees anorder time. The time ob Estorbo eadeen' the small deeshes ob tapas. No mas pelleds, dayeen', dayoud.


  1. Tapas dayeen' dayoud is not a bad thing.

    Before you know it your ved trip will be over. Try to focus on the treats-all-around afterwards part.

  2. Estorbo here's hoping your T-lebels are great--

  3. Tapas, huh? Sounds good to me.Will you share?

  4. Thinkin' good thoughts for you, hermano.

  5. We are sorry to learn that the vet screwed up and didn't test your T lebels. All we can say is maybe you are eating this way because finally your T levels are right. Storbie, I, Simba eat the tapas way all the time. So it is normal in some cats, and now that you are no longer hungry from too my typhoid, maybe that is just going to be you.

    My sister Audrey now has typhoid like you and our humans have just started her on the meds. So cross your paws for her. She had been eating lots and lots and lots before and still losing weight. She was donw to 8 1/4 pounds. So we hope she becomes a little less hongry and gains some weight too.

  6. Storby, pics loaded ok for me...? Hope you're ok.

  7. I yab storf crorsed thad jur t-lebbels are whad they shoul' be!

  8. Estorbo, I cannot imagine how furious the wooman was. I would have been very angry too. I hope they find that your levels are okay and this is just your new way of eating at this stage of life. If you are otherwise healthy and have enough energy for your ranch work, it is all okay. Spring and the caddle will be here soon, Amigo.

  9. Estorbo, if they find out your T-levels aren't quite right, then please be good and take more medicine to fix them! But I think you mean thyroid, not typhoid. Feel better soon!

  10. The human and I are thinking good thoughts for normal typhoid lebels for you, my friend. But look at the bright side -- your keedney and leeber lebels are good! And there's the tapas ... Score!

  11. Your theen leeps are beyutiful senor Storbie.

  12. Hi, Estorbo. I hope eberythin is t-riffic. even if it's not.

  13. We're having the same problem here with Zoe (thyroid) and Chloe (kidney) the other two are eating well. We'll all be thinking about you.

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  15. I jus larf ju, Storbie. Theen leeps an' all.