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Friday, March 1, 2013

Cad arn strighe

Dayeen, dayoud.

Ees geddeen' boreen'.

Especially the pelleds.

Golden, cronchy delicious tasdeless...


I yam arn hongair strighe. I only ead the wed food. The yoomans say there are las drogas para el typhoid seeckness frarm wheech I soffhair, een the wed food, bod I doan' belieb them. I lorb the pequeno deesh ob wed food, two times in el dia.

Then corm the forgheen' pelleds. Main course. I yam nard eeadeen' the pelleds no mas. I refuse. Pelleds are so ober.

Today the Wooman breeng two new bags ob new pelleds. She theenk I weell leap eento the bags an' star' to storff my faze. No.

I yab preenceeples.

She geeb orp y she geeb me cheecken fram las' nigh'. El pollo. Muy rico. Delicioso. Lader, sorm beef.

Then she maghe forgheen' apppoin'men' por me see the VED.

The Smoothman say eed ees yos a "Phase".

The Wooman say I yam dyeen'.



  1. Pobrecito! I see yor poin' about the pelleds, pero you worry the Wooman. You are eading the wed food, tho...a good sign, but not exactly a hongair strighe.

  2. You are adored so please take care of yourself. A little strike is okay, but not for too long. Get some feesh if you can, then go back to your pelleds....por favor.

  3. Theenkin, lighe da rest ob us, you need a leetle Spring, Estorbo.

  4. They say that wet food is better for all cats and that cats should only eat wet. Who they are, I don't really know.

  5. Denise is right. You are adored, even if you do have a streak of stubborn in you. Be well Estorbo.

  6. He looks a little peaked in that second pic. Hope it is indeed yos a Phase.

  7. Over the last several months I have noticed his fur changing - getting that rather spiky look along the spine, sometimes, that is never a good sign. He is getting older. 13+ or 14+, we cannot be certain. But he always looks wonderful when he comes inside after a romp on the roof: fluffy, no spikes, bright-eyed, full of comments and purring.

    He ate better today, and shows interest in food, always, but turns his nose up at the food he's been eating for so long. It might even be his teeth, as he eats the wet and any meat (or avocado!)we give him, with relish. So we'll check teeth, too.

    There's a reason for the pellets, that I won't go into, as I have before, at length. The wet is the "treat" we give him to entice him to eat his crushed drugs, twice a day.

    He'll be re-checked this coming week, with blood work, and we'll see what his thyroid levels are doing, and check his kidneys again, too. Poor kitty. He does hate that vet trip.

    Right now he's asleep, twitching his paws in a dream.

  8. Its always scary when there is change in older cats - you are fortunate to have an old cat (they are the best). I had 2 childhood cats who had thyroid - and the food was a juggle.

    eeepp! we love Estorbie. I'm sure you're doing your best.

  9. Don't die Estorbo. It is so much better to live. Last fall I lost many pounds and my person thought I was going to die but I went to the vet and they took the blood and I didn't even fight very much so then they really thought I was going to die. But I showed them - when the bloodwork came back it was perfect. Perfect thryoid level (with meds) and perfect kidneys too. Of course, I told them, I already knew I was perfect. I don't need a test to show that. I hope you can prove to the humans that you are perfect also. Sometimes we old cats just look a little ragged but there isn't anything wrong. I hope it's true for you too!

  10. I know that look. I hope you feel better soon.

  11. ¡Cuídate, hermano! That typhoid can be tricky. It's good that the Wooman takes you to the ved. (Did I just say the vet is good? Yikes!)

  12. Hola, Hermano! The Secretary tells us you are not eating properly. Hmm...maybe we can send some treats?
    Our vet is lovely - he plays and gives us cuddles and some nice stuff to lick after the needle thing. (But he still sticks the needle in!)

  13. Estorbo, since you are still eating, but the "soft" food, I am in the dental problem camp. So curl up in their laps, be loving and really give them a scare. Just like cats like to do. Tino is currently drugged out on catnip, or I am sure he would give his 2 cents.

  14. My first guess was also teeth Marie, you can imagine how hard it must be to chew those darn pellets if you are an old, beautiful black cad - perhaps a little warmed up broth on those hard pellets both to make them soft & tastier. I do love Storbie, like he was my own. Actually he is kind of ours - thanks to you. Please kiss him all over from me and the cats of Black Street xoxox Susan, Oliver, Bleet (also black & 14) & Virgil

  15. Avocado is bad for cats ---