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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Estorbo's fear

Dios mio. I yam reech! We can pay por more blord tesd, y bed veesseet (eeeeeeeep), y peells, y parckets...

I yam so lorcky to hab frien's who are sendeen' me geefts. I cannard beliebe eed. The Wooman weell helb me paw-wride the cards to say gracias, muchas, muchas gracias. Ebery leedle beed helbs. The beeg beets helb, too! I promeese to pose' more to try an' be an entertaineen' cad.

So I though' I woul' star' by telleen' you sormtheen' you doan' know abou' me.

My Fear......ob Death.

Translation por yoomans een parentheses (beeg wor' yes? I know I yam so breellian'. Gracias).

1. The Blag Death (fly screen door. I bang my forgheen' head een the sommhair when eed ees close'! I yompa frarm the roop to the table to the terrace to the floor to the BAM!: the b l a g   d e a t h)

2. The Whide Death (mosquito ned ober bed. I HADE eed! ees eenbeeseeble y I ged tangle' y smothair to death)

3. The Sorckeen' Death  (forgheen' bacuum cleanhair. I ron, I ron)

4. The Howleen' Death (forgheen' Eentercorm. Dios mio. I hide een the Hole)

5. The Weendy Death (the fan, een Sommhair, eed maghe me go flad. I hade eed)

6. The Cageen' Death (the onnatracteeb grey barx. Bad treep. Berber' bad treep)

7. The Seengeen' Death (the Wooman. Ees terreeble. Hords my years)

Nehghs time: The Boid.


  1. Estorbo, you have so many worries. You should always know your "parents" will take care of you. If you close your eyes and cannot see the bad things, they will not see you either.
    You do not need to entertain me, just a few photos and let me know you are doing okay.

  2. Rational fears, all of them, hermano! I can so relate (except for the eentercom). Keli'i said to tell you to relax; we were happy to help (if only a little). We lorb you, cad!

  3. Oh Estorbo, we are sooooooo happy for you that gifts and donations are arriving at your doorstep and your Mum's doorstep. We love you over in Washington Heights and your blog makes our day. Love from Tort and Senor Squeeky xoxox

  4. querido hermano, we are so happy to be able to 'elp you! efurrycat needs a 'elpin' paw now an' then!

    (nuestra mamacita te manda besos)

  5. Poor honey! You worry more than I do, and that's saying something.
    The up side of all this is that we've had two posts from you in only a few days. Worth the tiny gift for sure, and makes me plan to give again after the holidays.
    Thank you, and lighten up!

  6. Estorbo, my cats are all afraid of the sorkeen death and the cageen death too. Also, the wild Texas thunderstorms. Do not worry, your wooman will take care of you.

  7. Santa Claws does not forget cads. You should know that.

  8. Storbito, as a gesture of my affection, I have sent a regalito to your Wooman. Please advise her that my small gift may also be used for peach yogurt, mangos, and feesh. ; ) CariƱos.

  9. Dear Estorbo,

    I, too, have many of the same fears, as did my former buddy Abby-dog. (I don't mind dogs, they all fear me.) Now however I hate paypal. It refuses to respond to me, and all I get is the runaround. I finally asked them to close my account so that I could start a new one, and they have not yet complied. I will show them my teeth, yet. (ok, it's my slave's account, but anything that is hers is, by all legal rights, mine.)

    Tino, dictated but not read (Amy)

  10. Estorbo, our staff really wanted to contribute to your piggy bank. However one of our canines is elderly and has expensive medication needs. That means no extra $ to spare around here. We are very happy that others could help you and hope you continue to stay healthy.
    We all despise the vac. cleaner..and the hair dryer...and the words"time for a bath".