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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Balans' die-yed

I lorb the weeken's!


  1. Nice to see you, Estorbo. I hope you enjoyed your visit with Juan. Your mama is such a good cook. It's nice that she shares the delicious food with you on the weekends. Butter! Such a treat.

    My word verification is catic. What is that, I wonder?

  2. wow - you get panettoni for breakfast? I'm guessing you and the wooman are on muy butter terms now.


  3. Are you licking the sour cream dish? Good hebbins. Leek leek leek.

  4. Yum! Have a good weekend, Estorbo.

  5. Estorbo, I wish I had the chance to eat all those kind of goodies! I love butter and cream! I had gooey chocolate cake and a small jug of cream, (which you would have loved!) It was sooo good, but now I need to do some 'ramblin' on the roof tops' with you to compensate. You're looking good.

  6. Bodhair! I lighe thees breakfas' ju hab, bod I mos' starp eedeen' the fart y shooghair so moch. I don' looghe as sleeghe as ju, y so I mos cud barghe, a lord.

  7. Storbie, that's the good kind of leeky leeky!

  8. So good to see you leeky leeking again, hermano! No wonder your coat is so shiny.

  9. Denise - The Wooman deed nard coogh thees brakefas'. The Smoothman always maghes weeken' brakefas'. The Wooman ees berber' lazy an' stay een bed!

    Terri - badabeeng! No, I no ead pastry. Eed maghes me fad. Bod I do ged cream.

    Spikey - ees regular cream, yes! All por me.

    Gracias Leslie.

    ChreesJ - gracias, I yam ligheen' the cream

    Bal - I no lighe sugar. Yesepd een mango. Y peach yogur'.

    Donatella - I no maghe the order leeckyleecky no mas. Porque? I yab no forgheen' idea.

    Ikaika, gracias. The Wooman say I yam sheddeen' so she brosh me mas.

  10. you´re a gourmet, Storbie. good week-end,

  11. Hola, Hermano!
    Good to see our shiny black hermano.And looking so relaxed!
    Our Secretary says she remembers having to share yoghurt with you. Small portion, she said.