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Friday, November 4, 2011

My treep bag to the ved

See, here I yam a happy cad. No worries. Lookeen' ad the Wooman, who ees smileen' ad me. I know nartheen'.

Then I hear eed! The soun' ob the onnattracteeb grey barx!! I ron. I hide een the cornhair! She ees careful y cannard grab me or she breaks all the glasses arn the dreenks tray.

 Bod I maghe taghteecal meestaghee y leab thees safe place y try the order corner by the freedge.

She cadge me.


She carry me down' Congress Stree', righ' on Cour', lefd down forgheen' Warren. Bompa bompa bompa. I see people. Traffeec. Dargs. 

We ged to the ved ad v.e.r.g. Veterinary Emergencia Referral Group. Ees where my Eenternal Medeeceene Specialeest leebs. Fors' we waid een the waideen' room. I as' to ged oud ob the barx y for the fors' time I waid arn the Wooman's lab.

Then we wade een Dr Slade's room. Again I waid arn the lab. They weigh me. I yam orp worn poun', I yam now 17.9 poun's. I yam seengeen' y growleen' all the time. The fors' Dr whad examine me before Dr Slade says I yam a Panther. Damn righ', I growl. I theen' she ees a leeddle scare' por me.

I geeb them more blord. Also pee. The Wooman FORGARD to taghe my pee sample. Sorb hor righ' eed cost $68 yos to esstraghd my pee! Ees terrible.

Then we go home. More peells, y I smell como robbeen' alcohol. Ad home the Woooman wibe my baglegs weeth wed towel to taghe away the vedsmell.

Today the ved call the Wooman. My T-4 (thyroxine, ees hormone I produce too moch) lebel ees down frarm crazy T-19 to T4.5. The ved wan' eed more low so he wan' I taghe more peel.

Whadebber. As long as I doan' hab to go bag.

Dios mio.


  1. I think you are being quite a good sport considering the trauma of it all. It is such good news to hear that your numbers are getting better. Soon you will be all better. xo

  2. YES!!


    We are happy you are once again fat and sassy.

  3. Oh Estorbo, that is good news about your health. You are a fierce panther and very brave to go bompa bompa to the vet again. And I think the Wooman must be feeling some relief.

  4. Hola, hermano!
    Dinah tells us your T count has improved.Muy bueno, hermano.

    So now the Wooman can go with Smoothman to Montreal and not be so worried, yes?

  5. Great news, my friend! Panther power!

  6. Hey Estorbo! Glad you're improving. Hard to keep a good cad down eh? My old cad, Sir (The Bean), would never tolerate a box when a vet visit was required, choosing to travel on the dash in the car then he would sit either on my lap on on the chair next to me while waiting to be called... I miss him :)

  7. Well done. On all counts. I don't like the sound of that extraction of pee, though..... Where is a panther's dignity?

  8. That is good news that your peels are working to bring down your T-4 level, Storbie. Going to the Ved is always horrible. I think the humans just do it so we will cling to them and sit on their labs.

  9. Phew!! Good news.

  10. VERG are the best. They save my puppy's life! Glad you're doing bethair.

  11. Ay Dios Mio, what a relief! I am so happy that your labs are improved. Verdad, you are a pantera muy gigante.

  12. hooray !!

    what a brave cad you are storbee I mean panther ... brave panther

    xoxo les cats trois a Rue le Noire
    Oliber, Birgil & Bleed (Neesie Neese)

  13. Poor Estorbo. One good thing, sounds like you are improving. This is very good news.

    Alo, beautiful Photos. You always look so handsome in your pictures.

  14. We can shake paw Estorbo : I always try to be the best tiger I can when I meet a vet ! Rhawwrr !

  15. Sony the cat in OregonNovember 6, 2011 at 1:00 PM

    My cat Sony says:
    Good job, Estorbo, taking your pills and getting so much better! My human and I are so relieved you are doing ok now. Hopefully you scared the vet so much this time you will never have to go back. Every time I go I try to really scare them so I am never allowed back. I think it is working because I have not been there in a few months and I used to have to go every 2-4 weeks, which was horrific. It may have something to do with the medicine I take every day now and feel better, but I think it is mostly because I was so good at being big and scary. Keep up the good work and if you are persistent enough you can train your humans to keep you home and away from that vet.

  16. Yea! So happy! Tino (Who cowers at the vet and has NEVER had them take his pee. In fact when I tried for a stool sample he pooped on my bed. Last and only stool sample from him. Amy)