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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cad seedhair poseetion has been feelled

Meester John Rosh frarm Massachusetts weell be dribeen' to Nuevo York to looogh after me while the Wooman y Smoothman ride the Adeerondag train aaaaall the way to Montreal, habandoneen' me to my fade

Meester Rosh ees blarg reeadhair y say he has bacation days due so he corm to the seedy two days orly, meed the yoomans, y then we pardy por four days. I hope he doan' wear Teemberlan' boods or I hide. The Wooman say he ees nard carnstroction worghair; ees scientees'. 

He maghe essperimends weeth me, smallboice? 

No! I know! We can blow orp the forgheen' squeerel!!! 


Meester Rosh you breeng your equeepmen', yes? I know how to torn arn the gas...


  1. Estorbo, it sounds like you have beeg plans for mucho fun with Senor Rush. Just don't forget to take your pills while you are partying. Oh my, the stories you shall tell.

  2. Explosions are for July 4th, Estorbo. But continuing our theme of an unconventional Thanksgiving, I will bring my Mr. Wizard kit, and we will see what we can do about that pesky squirrel.

  3. Weel there be pikshors? I do hope so.

  4. what AnemoneOne says - plus details - we will need details. I'm jealous - I want to cadseet you (but my 2 remaining boys do not want that)

  5. Jes! A goo' time for all. The wooman y Beence go to celebrade American Thanghsgeebeen een Canada, where we celebrade arlready a mornth ago... Beence's farmily maghe owd lighe banditos, jes?
    The boys weel pardy orn een the seedy y Estorbo weel maghe exploseeb new frien'. Ees pairfeghto...whad could go wrong ? ;-)

  6. Do we need to start a fund for bail? just let me know.

  7. Thanksgiving? Then there will be turkey too :)

  8. Estorbo -

    We will help with the bail and the attorney. My secretary is a (deep secret--dare I say--)attorney.

    Tino (dictated but not read)