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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So tire'

Por Halloween' I yab a dreenk. Then I go the the parade een the East Billayge.

Then I corm home y I pass oud.

Por 24 hours.

Wooman? Go. A. Way.

I can steel see you. 


  1. Halloween is hard duty for a blag cad, and since you are the supreme Dom it was no doubt bery stressful. Glad you got a day to rest. Ole!

  2. I guess Halloween is a big holiday for blag cads, es verdad? Now you rest until Thanksgiving. The Wooman, she is a pest. But she loves you. At least she doesn't eeeeeep in the night. Or does she?

  3. Oh Storbie, you should have a visit from Kittie Soft-Paws, then you'd wake up! Tho' I like Antonio Banderas, I think you would have made a better Puss-in-Boots tho he was Mexican not Cuban.

  4. that's mitey kynd of yu, hermano. seein as how yu thot of it, now i'l see iffen i can get Mine to por us a drink fur yu.