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Friday, October 21, 2011


Hola. Ee's me.

Ee's been a rorf corpla weeghs. Si, I steel go the the roop. Bod the food. I doan' onnerestan' myselb. I yam hongree, I go to the bowl, I see pelleds, dayeen, dayoud. I theenk: I yam SEECK OB THEES FORGHEEEN PELLEDS DAYEEN DAYOUD.

So I eegnore.

I loogh orp ad the Wooman weeth preedy eyes (my eyes nard the Wooman's eyes) y say...eep? Prrrrr?

She geeb eberyday sorm pieces ob charped organeec cheecken with sorm small negbones, weeth cheecken leeber, ees ber' good. Smallportion.  Bod I refuse my pelleds, essepd maybe 12. So yesserday she she go oud again. She corm bag weeth new bag. I read: Por Fossy Cads.



Ees Royal Canin. She geeb me a few, says she cannard sweetch me fas'. I say, Sweetch my now, beetch*! No! She say, No. You ged the squeets eef we go too fas'.

So now I ged some pequeno amoun' ob Royal Canin pelleds weeth the dayeen dayoud. I ged raw organic cheecken. I ged small-leeck yogur' y I steel dreenk my meelk. She say she ees goeen' crazee. She say thees is "carmplicaded."

*Meanwhile my temphair has change'. I yam soooooo frien'ly. No more bide, no more scratch. No more heetteen' the yoomans. No more sweareen'. I only swear here to remembhair my ole' libe.I yam friendly.

I seed een the bath many times, near the water, I howl por the yoomans to keep the water lebel where I can see eed. I also dreenk oud ob a beeg whide bowl, mucho. I feel hongree, bod I doan' ead morch.

Y tonigh' I threw orp, fors' time een two weeghs.  I yam tagheen' the peel (methimazole) now essactly two weeghs, een peel parcket.

She say in ten days I go bag to the v.e.d.

Bod the Wooman keebs stareen' ad me, weeth beeg eyes.


  1. Royal Canin? Careful, Estorbo, Canin is another word for darg! On the other hand, chicken necks and livers, now that's good eating.

    It seems the medicine is working, perhaps it just takes longer to affect your thirst, or the thirst is not part of your typhoid-ism. Must be an awfully stressful time for the Wooman and Vince. I'm beaming lots of good thoughts into Brooklyn right now. I hope you are better soon!

  2. Hola Estorbo Guapo! Is good to see you blogging again. So you nomore like the Hill's sheet, eh? Is okay, the Wooman will give you a little more Royal Canin, little less Hill's tomorrow; little more Royal Canin, little less Hill's next day; soon you will get only Royal Canin, dayin dayout. Is very good that you drink more water, take your pill, and treat the Wooman nice. You are a most polite and handsome gentleman.

  3. Well 'Storbie, this is just too forgeen upsettin' for words. Many years ago our boy Spot underwent radiation for his typhoid disease, and it allowed him to live happily and healthily for another 16 years.

    I'm *not* recommending that for you, just saying that if it comes to that, it can have a fantastic outcome. Also, we've gotten unbeatable guidance over the years from the book, "The Natural Cat," by Anitra Frazier. Your people may be interested in checking it out, if they're not overwhelmed already.

    And lastly, my word for verification is "demon." Think that's a sign??? :)

  4. Dear Estorbo. The Wooman must be bery bery stressed with worry for her gato. I am glad your temperament is better. You should not call her a beetch. tsk tsk tsk
    The cats out here in the country eat mice. Good protein and good bones for crunching. Maybe they taste like chicken, I don't know. And sparrows which have lots of bones once you take off the feathers. Keep doing what the Wooman says and I hope you will be mejor very soon.

  5. Estorbo get better soon. Your poor woman must be so concerned. Please try to eat what she gives you. At least you get chicken. Scruffy only gets pellets -- we've been the route of trying to find the right diet before and it's frustrating and heart breaking at the same time.

  6. It sounds rough for you all, but it's still early days. Good luck with the new regime. You are a much-loved cat, that's for sure.

    Royal Canin is the favourite in this house too (and the least likely to be brought up again if eaten too fast).

    And that's why I wear supermarket clothes and never go on holiday.....

  7. bonjour Storbee ... !!
    excellent progress report
    weebin beri worried ...
    xo Virgil, BleetNess & Oliber

  8. sounds like you are coping with change. just like the beegest blag cad says, yes we can. you can and you will change and you will have many funny stories to tell us - your loyal fans.

    my friend and i are here visiting nueva york and as you suggest (in my e-mail to you on fezbook) we walked across the brooklyn bridge and stayed in the park and thought about you - did some stretching and went back.

    thanks for the update - you rock (soft, handsome rock)

  9. Estorbo, do what Wooman asks and eat your food. Our person understands her frustration about your diet. We've "been there/done that" for the four leggeds here.One can't have beef, one can only have fish or duck and I have to have Wysong Feline Uretic and Natural Balance canned food.

  10. Good to hear from you beeg blag one :) You mention you are drinking milk... This is cad friendly milk, yes? Cads are lactose intolerant and drinking regular milk might upset your tummy. Stick to the agua mi amigo :)

  11. You are being thought of all over the world Estorbo.

  12. I love you, beautiful beeg black gato.

  13. Estorbo, change? You change? Non, mon amie, dites-moi ne pas vrai!! And that exhausts my French. The humans in this house speak to me in French, even though my name is Constantino Martinez. I tell them that they must speak to me in Spanish but they insist that they do not know Spanish. Do not change, a cat must always be a cat. Tino (dictated but not read, Amy)

  14. I yam keepeen' stuff crorsed for jur nex' beeseet to the V E D, amigo. Thees typhoideesm ees a beech no?