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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bag frarm the bed, I mean ved

I yam bag frarm the ved. Dr. Park. She ees OK. Preedy. Sof'boice.

The teghneecian?

Dios mio.

I nearlee born their house down. I scream I yell, I growl, I swear eberywor' I know.

They TOOGH. MY. BLORD!!!!! Wha' kine' ob people do these???? They deen' eben as'!!!!

Then the Woomna say to the teghneecian when he breeng me bag: Are you OK?

She as' heem, nard me!! Me, I yab been screameen' por fibe meenutes baghstage, while they drain my libeblord. Deed he scream? No! Because he had glorbs!

They wor ber' eempress thad we brough' my pee sample. Steell warm. They wan' to know how. The Wooman say, Saucehair.

Como? they say.

Small saucehair, she say. You yos slide ondhair the cad when he maghe pee, he pee een saucehair. Ees easy.

Y I yam a pro. I weell do anytheen' y pee anywhere y eensi'e anytheen' eef eed aboids the terreeble catheter. No. Bad mammories.

Also. They toogh. my. temperature.

(ees terreeble)

I ged resolts manana or Friday. Ees keedneys, or diabetes, or thyroid...or...sormtheen' else. We know thad. We know thad.

We waid.

Y now? The geese are flyeen', an' seengeen' high aborf the house. Fourtime tonighd.  Ees coldehair. The Wooman weell go away soon. Always, she leab me. She say she hab to wride a boogh. Bod these time the Smoothman weell stay weeth me.

Eed weell be OK.



  1. Yes, Estorbo, it will be okay. You show them technicians what 15 pounds of hellfire can do!

  2. I yam tryeen to peecture the Wooman waideen there weeth the sauceair...waideen...waideen...waaaideen...

    Eed weel be OK, Estorbito, eef the collecteeve best weeshes ob your many fans are worth whad I theeng they yar. We all lob you bery much, keedy.

  3. Estorbo, you will be okay and then have a wonderful time at home with Beence. Just the guys, no wooman. Will he cook for you? Sending good thoughts from coast to coast.

  4. That's quite some trick with the saucer...must remember that. Estorbo, I hope it's minor, maybe even just old age. Not that you're old, oh no, I don't mean that. But cats are considered geriatric at 10. (Don't shoot the messenger.)

  5. We will purr for a light diagnosis. Estorbo, you must stay well.
    Because Maui will tell you the secret of how to shoot the thermometer--across the room.

  6. I am purring for good test results, hermano and am happy your ordeal at the ved is over.

  7. ....shoot the thermometer across the room...???!!! Oh dear I nearly died laughing! Surely Estorbo, you'd like to learn that trick, no? And as for the saucer.... I can hardly imagine that! Your wooman is amazing. Whatever will Beence do without her?

  8. Hola, hermano!
    We are concerned, but we hope the tests will show something that the pretty vet can fix.

  9. Poor boy. You made me remember my lovely Kevin, who went through all those terrible things too, and who could swear for Britain. And leave the vet covered in ginger hair. And produce the famous Lake of Wee all over the exam table. You'd have liked Kevin; your sort of chap.

    Be brave; we will all wait to find out what's wrong and what will be done to help.

    Much sympathy to the humans too, who will be worried about you.

  10. Keep saying EGBOK Storbie. It's our mantra for "Everything's going to OK". And it will be.

  11. Storbie, we are concerned that you needed to visit the vet. What were your symptoms that got this whole thing started, with talk of kidneys and diabetes etc? Our human wants to know what she should be on the lookout for around here. We are getting on in years, 10+.
    We wouldn't think diabetes would lead to gain of weight, though. Nor hyperthyroidism: those seem likely to lead to weight LOSS.
    I gotta see that thermometer trick of Maui's.
    Is your Wooman going to Suid Afrika?

  12. Love bug. I send you ear skritches...just don't bite! Keep us posted.

  13. Si Senor - ees gonna be o.k.
    weeeth my Love from Senor Squeeky in Washington Heights