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Friday, July 1, 2011

My roop

There was mucha gente een the apar'men' y arn' the terrace y arn the roop yesserday y las' nighd. My gard. Bod I lighe' them, y I pose' berber' professional een the peectures. Afterwor's we wen' to the roop y had a peecneec.

I yam only allow' arn the roop now weeth superbision.

Pffff. I yam nard a KEETTEN!

Bod...yes, I yam theenkeen, there migh' be bad theen' arn the roop, yes, Pappa Smoothman?

Maybe I yos stay here, neghs to you.

Pee Ess: Eef you do nard know the story ob The Claw (whad I re-eenjure' the order nighd) pleease read the response to Anne Boleyn een thees comments.


  1. My goodness, Storbie, you must not bury that story in comments! Quite the tale.

    Enjoy your roop these lovely weather days: I expect the yoomans are happy to supervise you when it is so pleasant.

  2. OMG! I am so glad that I asked about the bed! And I feel I have done a great service to the readers of this blog because this story HAD TO BE TOLD. It deserves to be made into a documentary film and shown at the Tribeca Film Festival.
    Furthermore, I did not know what Estorbo means. I know you must be berber proud of the way you live up to your name.
    No wonder people come with cameras. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that your most recent injury was the result of trying to escape the Paparazzi!

  3. OMG!!! Hermano, verdad! That is a story that needs telling. The human laughed so hard she cried and almost peed her pants! Now she is admiring your picnic photos with the Smoothman. Wishing you many happy picnics on the roop...

  4. It will be exciting to see you in the MSL magazine one day. It sounds as though you were the perfect host.

    Your posting reminds me of the song, "My Roop is a bery bery bery fine Roop. With one cat in the yard..."

    Do you know this song?

  5. your blog, estorbo, is the most noble and wonderful story going on in our modern times...

    you tell the best stories...even if you embellish un poco.

    so glad you escaped death and are safe with the wooman and smoothman