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Sunday, March 6, 2011


 You though' I was dead, deedn' you?

You thoughd I yad abandon' my thousan's y thousan's ob adoreen' fans, Yes? Admeed eed, yes? Yes? I mean, Si?


Nebber woul' Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!) leab those who lorb y appreciade heem! Nebber! Only eef he was prebendted by some crazylocogaga WOOMAN woul' he be kepd frarm blargeen por ELEBEN days!!!!!

I mean, Whad the forgue??

No. I do nard essagerade.



Nard all ob hor peegs are een their sty, eef you know whad I mean? Yes? Yes? I mean, Si?

Two peegs shord ob a peecneec eef you as' me.

 She ees weareen' camouflage. I keed you nard.  She say she need to "blen' een."

I say, Oh yes, I mean si, thad ees easy, you are seex food weeeth red hair, you TODALLY blen' een.

Blen' eento whad, anyway? I as'.

The fores', she wheesper.

The fores'??? I wheesphair bag...

Yes, she say, I yam ad war.

I know! I say, weeth me!

No you stupeed hairball. Weeth the leederhairs.


Que? I say. Thees ees deefeecol' por me to onnerstan' - hor aghsen' ees nard so easy. Leeder hairs. Hairs. Hares. Fores'. Leeder...hares?

Hares = Rabbeeds? Rabbeeds + Leeder.

YOU MEAN THERE ARE RABBEEDS EEN MY LEEDHAIR TRAY???? I knew eed looghed fonny! An' you are magheen' war arn the rabbeeds weeth my taghs dollars? Why deed you nard tell me?

No, you moron, she say. Leederhairs! Persons whad throw garbage arn the groun' een the fores'.

Oh, I say, you mean d.a.r.g.s.

NO! Yooooooooomans, she say.

Peegs! I say.
Peegs, she say.


Ees esshausteen.


  1. If the Wooman would get you a cami shirt, too, you could help her in her war against the litterers. She would appreciate it, I bet.

    Glad you're back!

  2. Please tell the wooman that it is too hard for us when we have to go 11 days without you! Especially after all those weeks without you in the lat two months.

  3. I read the wooman's tale of the forest and it is disgusting. If our beautiful roadsides in California gather too much litter (leedhair?), we have weekend crews from the jail who wear their orange suits and clean up the trash. I realize she is at war, but that still does not justify keeping us wondering how you are. I am also glad you are back.

  4. Ju hars been a hel' horstage een the leedhair wars!? I orndhairstan' now porque why ju no maghe the blog por so larng...we mees ju ber' moch. I agree weethe 'webb'..ju woul' looghe amaseen' een camouflarge short. Ju coul' help the Wooman cadge thees yooman peegs! Then shee woul' hab time to helb weeth jur moneesmagheen' enthairprise.

  5. Hermano, the Wooman is on a Mission. I've seen this behavior before. Just sit back and enjoy the ride ...

  6. We have them here too, and also idiots who hang their used d.a.w.g. poo bags on trees. WTF?? But whatever she's up to, there's no excuse for her to call you a moron! Not you, our favourite blogger! She must be very stressed..... Let's hope she doesn't dress you in camouflage too.

  7. Don Estorbo, I meest yu muchissmo.
    Yurs ees my favorito blarg! =^..^=

  8. Peegs are everywhere. I see them everywhere those stoopeed leederhairs. Forgue dem!

  9. Ahhh, Don Estorbo, I thought you had frozen out on the rooftop. My lady keeps me locked up alla time, but sometimes let's me go out to play for a little while. It's still very cold here. More white stuff fell from the sky today. But tell your woman that if she let's you out, you can bite lidderhairs on the ankles.

    Emma the Calico Queen

  10. hremano, thrr'z also sumpin called leederhozen, but rabbits in pants doan make any bettrrr sense


  11. phew, glad you didn't abandon us - yes, every day I look and nothing

    I cried

    and then today, finally - you post about these

    I must say - today's pictures are awesome. If I bought a cup or a mug and you had one of these pics - I say you lying down with your head upside down and arm outstretched is pretty irresistable.

    good luck with the leederhairs

  12. Smiling to myself as we slide down the slippery slope of political incorrectness, I beg to remind you, O my Don, that pigs make for very good after dinner hand-outs. Along with sardines and mango.

    Get some rest now, kitty, the exhaustion will pass.

  13. Hi, Storbie, how many times! No. you "do nard essagerade", jaja,

  14. Hola! Hermano, we agree.On all points. The construction workers throw all kinds of rubbish on our grass and in our garden.
    Maybe we could get camouflage kit...

    Good to see you're in such good form, harmano.

  15. Nebber would I leeb you, 'Storbie. I am one who lobs y appreciades you!
    But the wooman is ride you know. They are peegs! Beence is ride too. Sleep is good for essaushun

  16. Just dropped in to see what is what with you hermano mio (I know I know mixing up the lingos there) and I laughed and laughed. What is it with these humans? Ours also goes around picking up leedhair and chunters a bucket all the while about the conduct of others. Beeezzzaarre to use an Estorbo-type-ism. Keep on tuckin and sleepin and exhaustion passes.

  17. On anothair node, whad are you doieen for the Smoothman's Feliz Cumpleanos? You could share some pelleds, but ob course he would rathair hab some mango or ribe ploms, I yam sure. You could maghe the supreme sacrifice an led him watch Netfleex. I yam sure you weel celebrate een style. Weesh heem the best from your many adoreen fans (eef I may speak por the group)