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Saturday, October 10, 2009

So boreen'


Waghe me orp when the yoomans ead sormtheen' eenteresteen'...

Three times thees weegh I waghe orp como siempre afthair my pose' deenhair nab an' station myselb ad their chairs to see whad the yoomans are eadeen' por their deenhair. Maybe eed ees steak! Maybeeee...roas' pork! Cheecken!!!

No. For's, macaroni an' cheese.

I.hade.pasta. Whad a tereeble theen' to do to cheese. I lorf cheese. Thees ees cruel.

Taghe eed away.

Then...bottornort squash.

?!? I mean, porque? Por deenhair? A cad cannard sorbibe arn these rations! Squash storffed weeth corn and tomato.

Een short: kaka.

Finally, whad smell so goo' dall ebebeneen', the final eensolt: TART weeth onion an' the Wooman say weeth anchobies. Bod I no see 'em. She say eed ees call' Peess Salad Here.

?!? Dios mio. You can keep thad. Soun's como dargfood.

Times ees more rorff than I thoughd.

I yam dyeen' ob honghair.

The Wooman tole' me hor Mamma ees cormeen' to beeseet neghs' weegh. So I wrode to Meess Kehdi an' Senor Khamel to beg por beeltarng. Doan' worree abou' no sneeffhair beagels ad the airpor'...I know people. I weell call een a fabour.

The Wooman's Mordhair weell be een Nuebo York teell Halloween (hola muchacho). We weell dress orp an' parade een the Billage. Then we weell go to Minetta Tabern por deenhair.

They coogh steagh there.


  1. Rusty Geiger y SporranOctober 10, 2009 at 7:15 PM

    Hola! Hermano, we keep telling Dinah we want (need) a blog like yours, but...we think you need to broaden your tastes. Pasta, with cheese, is,as you would say, much bueno. Maybe, to get the taste, you start with meat sauce?
    And we suppose your Peesse Salad was in honour of your Presidente? (Even if he does have a darg!)

  2. Bailey does nothing but eat and sleep. He doesn't like to sit on my lap and only lets me brush him if I get on the floor with him. I'm thinking of trading him in for a 'darg'. I need something to cuddle!

  3. Stuffed squash? Mac and cheese? Peess Salad Here with invisible anchovies? Hermano, are they trying to turn you vegetarian? (The human is salivating over here ... sheeesh!) I think you got a plan in enlisting help from the lovely Miss Kehdi and Mr. Khamel... the sooner the better!

  4. 'Storbie, you look so relaxed, it's good to see you in a non-begging mode, doing nothing.

    'Matter of fact, I'd give you a Nobel prize for that. Yeah, yeah, I know, it's just been done...

  5. Beence...not supposed to be talking to you here, but that's the best joke of the month!

  6. an holla rite bak at ya, my brother. tydings of tha seezun.