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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sarft pawrn


I yam abou' to be rabed by small florffy aneemal.

An' I yam lookeen forwar' to ead!


  1. First they try to turn you vegetarian and now ... kitty porn??? Que paso, hermano?

  2. Well, since we cannot see what the thing is, we cannot give Legal Advice as to how to proceed on this... Perhaps make the pic clickable so it enlarges, and we will make our judgement.

    Oh, and our Human Servant just passed the Arizona Bar Exam!!

  3. Hey, I lighe eed, Ikaika, eeds' my opossum

    Neko y Marzi cleeck eed now! ^^

  4. Well you're certainly not so bored now! But kitties have no shame as can be seen by their most relaxed pose -- on their backs with everything showing.

  5. that doan look like a prawn to me, soft or utherwize.

    congrats to yer lawyrr's hyoomun. funny place fur an exam tho, a bar, but i gess ya can get yur sellabratin in az soon az yer dun.


  6. Wot exactly is dat florffy aneemal? Ferret? Hamster? Possum?