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Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Wooman

...ees muy strange. Ebery nighd before she ged eendo bed, she lie arn the floor an' make-a stretcha. She stretchde hor bag worn way, hor head anorder. She breathes fonny, lighe steam train. Eed worries me. I wadge, ready por 911. Doan' she know you stredge when you waghe orp? Before sleep you only wash an' maghe bons! She wash, bod she nebber maghe bons. So I maghe egstra.

Whad ees aborf my head? Mosquido ned, ob course. Nuebo York mighd as well be een a forgheen' swamp.


  1. "Make Buns?" You mean happy paws, Kitty biscuits?

    The jungles of NYC--rife with Malaria and Dengue fever, eh?

    I often wonder, since you took the kitteh oath of citizenship-if you were called upon to take up arms for the USA, what branch of the military would you join?

  2. Si, bons. Keedy beesqueets.

    I woul' join the Panther Debeesion, ob course.

  3. I'll bet the bons would be good with some red currant jam!

  4. Hey Estorbo,
    Last night my beeg cad Gus maghe bons on my stomach. I think he was telling me that I need to lie arn the floor an' make-a stretcha.

  5. So that's what Bailey is doing every night -- maghe bons! Well your wooman is very conscientious to look after herself so she can keep looking after you. Sorry but exercise is not in my vocabulary.

  6. Ooh I like to chase mosquitoes around the house. It's fun. I guess you prefer to lie within the safety of a mosquito net.

    Oh, by the way, we noticed under Cothbairt's picture you have an RIP. But i thought you said it was Clarence that had passed.