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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Life arn the whide bed

I yam a blag cad. I sleep arn a whide bed. I doan' shed. I hab all my oreegeenal hairs.

I lighe to chaze streeng arn the whide bed, afthair the Wooman has made eed.

The Wooman ees berbery fossy abou' the bed. Eed mos' be made yos righd. Ask mi Hermano. Eberytheen' has to be smooth.

Afthair I hab played arn the bed eed ain' smooth no more. An' she cannard maghe eed because I pass oud an' you know you nard allowed to waghe a cad orp to maghe a bed.

She says my feets too beeg...ees narn sequitur.

I tell hor, ees OK, you can maghe the bed ladhair when I yam dineen' arn fresh pelleds. Also you can please clean oud my leedhair barx an' add a quarthair eench. Eed's a leedle low.

Por now we taghe a nab, OK?


  1. Hi Estorbo. We are amazed that you don't shed...we all shed, lots, constantly. Our wooman has multicolored bed covers on her bed to try to conceal the large number of furs all over it. You do have impressively large feet!

  2. Well, I beg to differ about the shedding... :-)

  3. I hereby declare having falsified evidence and made an outrageously offensive declaration about your shedding. You don't shed. Ever. Not a hair. In fact, you actually pick up hair from other animals and integrate it to yours. So. There.

  4. "Marzipan farted!" -Neko

    "Neko farted!" -Marzipan

    "WTF is that Stench?!?" -Neil

  5. QC - thnghs, my feet are large. An' I doan shed anytheen'!

    Beence! Traydor! You hab betrayed the cause.

    Beence! Thad's bedhair.

    Neko, Marzipan? Whad ees goeen' arn??? Neil...whad are you feedeen' my cattorneys???

  6. Henry helps me make the bed by skootching under the layers while I try to smooth them out. Lost cause. Henry wins.


  8. Scuse me Karen, ees carmend por my CATtorneys whad theenk they are so fonny!

  9. 'Storbie:

    Please excuse our Associate Neil. He's stressed out to the point of punchiness due to studying for the bar exam. He will be disciplined accordingly.

    NyM, CATtorneys at Law

  10. Neko y Marzi - weeth mentors lighe you he cannard fail!

    BTW - my feed smell como las flores.

  11. A cad whad does nard shed??? Es un milagro!!!

  12. Sorry I haven't visited before this. It's been a busy week. We had to take Bailey to the vet to be weighed. He has been on a diet for 6 months now. He has lost 6 lbs. He still weighs 16 1bs. But your feet are bigger than his! He gets so upset when we take him to the vet that it takes me days to recover, never mind him. Your fur looks wonderful, shedding or no shedding. Bailey never stops shedding. He has two thick coats of fur and the vet wants to be able to feel his ribs through all that fur. I'm about ready to call it quits with the vet. Bailey makes a great mountain lion and they're not skinny!

  13. Ikaika...whad can I say? I was born onder a wandereen' star an wize men came to geeb me geefts ob pelleds and halb and halb. An' whide peaches. Yom.

    Chrees...Brosh Senor Bailey weeth the Blue Zoom Brosh, pleease. I weell pose' peecture ladehair. Eeds worghs breelliant.

    You can weigh El Bailey ad home. Buy scale. Veds. Who needs them?