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Sunday, July 26, 2009


I receibed brakefas' een bed. Small blueberry pancaghe, que rico...

Then I wen' oud and essplored the yongle. Eed's crazee, man. Doan' led thees Wooman design your garden. Weeds por brains.

Tomorrow: I lorn to benchpress.


  1. Hermano, you deserve breakfast in bed now and again.

  2. Hermano, after blueberry pancakes for breakfast you NEED to bench press!

  3. yo gato, has life improved since beence arrived?

  4. RGan' H - so, I hab recobered frarm the feenghair. An' Beence ees employ' fulltime hentertaineen' me.

    Hola Chrees, hope you are feelleen' bedhair...

    Si, Karen, muy eemprobed. He has enbented the bes' toy I ebberebberhad. I weel pose' peecture.

  5. A new invention -- and a TOY at that!! You lucked out, hermano...Beence to make toys and the Wooman to grow plantas and cook for you and give you pelleds. Felicidades!!!

  6. Gracias 'Kaika...Beence plays weeth me fulltime, ees gread! When he goes to the bedroom I charge ahead, because I know he ees goeen' to play weeth me arn ethw whide bed.