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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ad las'!

I yam nine. I theenk. Thad means I hab no more libes, righd?

I had to waid por the Wooman to carm home from worgh for my blordee pardy.

These wor my presends:

Fresh keeddee leeder, my faboureed, Fresh Step.
New Streeng and brown paper mouse ad end.
Sardines frarm Morocco...FEESH!
Peach yoghurt, three kine's because she coul' nard fine' my faboureed, Breyers. She say I try today or I weell be seeck.

Fors' I had some ripe kiwi. I yam use' to habeen' thees after deenner so eed was strange as appetizer...

Then I looghed ad my yoghurt.

An' read the label arn my FEESH!

Oh. MY. Gard. Now we' talkeen'. Thad was the bes' feesh EBBER!

Then I pass' oud...

Happee, happee, borthday....


  1. Passing out is way better than throwing up - happy, happy birthday estorbo, what a feast! This is only 9 YEARS, broder, not 9 LIVES! Many more to come .....

  2. We are here now but She is not. Before we were not becaise we decided to go awol for our birthday and hunt and sit under a tree out of the rain and .... well lots of other things but we're not publishing them because She will find out and one of the mysteries of her life will be solved. Where we go when we are out. When She comes back we will eat out birthday treats and hopefully She will send them to you dear Estorbo, Trevor and Hhhhuwi. Meanwhile amor and felicidad cumpleanos or

  3. Have you tried dipping the sardines in yogurt? (Just asking because I can relate to that...)

  4. Lennie an' Sollie. Yos tell os wehere you go..we woan' tell...

    Beence: I feel seeck.

  5. pee ess, forgot to say: Love the pink bow!