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Saturday, May 10, 2008


Ok. I yam goeen' to grass frarm now arn. The Wooman keeps some por me ou'side onder the chair where eed woand ged squashed. I lighe eed. I know whad ees grass an' whad ees groun'cobber. I yam nard stupeed. Sometime' she buy por me whea'grass frarm the farmers' marked, bod I prefhair my organeec grass ou'side.

I read thees blarg (ees call' beggierebolutiondartblargspartdartcarm): abou' housecads (thad's lighe me) eadeen' bords whad seeng, how you say? -sarngbords, si. There ees peecture arn thees blarg ob a cad storfeen' eed's face weeth a bord, como un French fry. My gard. Lorky cad. Anyway, I read the comments arn thees pose' about bords and badcads. An' I fine' People who HADE cads! So I leab a comment askeen' ees eed OK to ead Nuevo York peegeons? So far no answer. Maybe they ead cads.

Whad you theenk? I know ees bad to ead the smallbords. Bod I weell nard want to leeb forebber eenside, noway. I need to prowl. So whad ees solution? I weell theenk abou' eed while I nab. Read the pose here (cleeck arn eed, man!), and read also the Commends, an' maybe some more CADS should leab commends?


  1. Pigeons are fair game, Don, they are the stain on the face of my balcony. Go for it, you have my blessing! ;-)

  2. Gracias. Fors', I weell poot them arn an organeec all-grain died. Then I weell feed them new green grasses. Then some nice apple, charped smallsmall. Then some bods frarm the chibes to perfume their dromsteecks...Then I weell wash them.

    Sheet. By now they are use' to me. How weel I wreeng their leedle neghs??? They loogh ad me weeth soch trost!

    How can you hade peegeeons, Beence? They are sweet, they are kine'...they are my cheeldren. They are...deleecious!

  3. Yo Storbie - yup its us LennieanSollie we have woken up it is spring in the YooKay.

    Checking on your blog we see a lorra lorra things have happened to you but we want to praise your pragmatism over the bird issue. We have (well Lennie actually) a Wood Pigeon who was a big fella and L. had a job getting himself and the Wood Pigeon through the cat flap. He did it and Her Indoors had hysterics. Hah.

    In brotherhood Hermanox

  4. Lennie! Sollie! You slepd all weender? You are wors than the cad een the salad bowl whad ees a slog. Woo' pigeon, soun's good lighe eed ade a niec died. Deed Horselb carnfeescade said goods?

    My Gard. Now I know where all my brorders are I can relaghs. I was so tense.

    Ees true.