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Sunday, May 18, 2008

My alleged libe: take two

Ow. My negh horts.

The table ees a mountain.

Whad ees the Wooman doeen'?

Deeggeen' een hor garden. Dayeen, dayoud. I theenk I'll taghe a nab.

A mosqito ned een Brookleen. WTF. 

Ad las'. The roop. 

Flowers. Boreen'. Maybe ees hideen' a cicada eenside?

So you see. She maghe me wear the camera an' I refuse to go anywhere. I yam a patiend cad. I can outlas' hor. Ad nighd I steell ron away to prowl the rooftarps. Thees stupeed camera has no nighd beesion.


  1. Much better Estorbo, at least we can see her! Your check is in the mail...