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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Two harbies

Harbie Numero Uno: al fresco meelk-dreenkeen'...

Harbie Numero Dos: Sleepeen'...I am qui'e goo' dat thees one.


  1. Hm, very nice new blanket on the bed. What is it made of, fur?

  2. I admire the Woman to own both a Black cat and a White bedspread. They usually don't co-habit very well.

  3. we have to get our own google account, we are not her, we are we, yor broders trebor an huwi. we love your harbies estorbo. we have the sleeping harbie too, we are broders!! trebor's favourite harbie is chasing small balls of paper up and down the passage. this is especially good when the paper ball gets pushed under the kelim, which gets pushed across the room. hh huwi - he likes to HUNT! we also have white bedspreads. what is co-habit? X yor broders

  4. co-habit, hermanos, means existing in the same living space without endangering one another, or altering one another... too much (as in...turning a white bedspread black with spair hair).

    As for harbies, i'd like to mention my cats' fondness for throwing up on a carpet. Hence, when my son was little, enumerating what we needed for traveling with cats, was his list: "A bowl for food, a bowl for water, a litter box and a carpet to throw up on". Clearly just the indispensable.

  5. Estorbo the Gradest Cad een the Worl'May 22, 2008 at 5:25 PM

    Black cad an' whide dubet are fine. The Wooman has the roller-theeng weeth steecky paper whad peeecks orp my hair. Actually, ees why I hab grey cashmere (ahem)blanghet to sleep arn...

    Trebor an' H-h-h-huwi, si, you you are you an' nard hor, gard forbeed. Leseten. When you maghe carment, cleeck leedle circle whad says Name/URL. Then wride your name where eed says...Name. Eegnore the URL. Then cleeck pobeesh etc. Soddenly you weell be there.

  6. the gradest cad een the worl' againMay 22, 2008 at 5:26 PM

    Sheet. I can't type for sheet, man.

  7. trebor an hhhuwiMay 22, 2008 at 10:47 PM

    you type just great estorbo, otherwise how would you blarg?? we like sigrid's list, for us the carpet is for getting under/playing, not for throwing up (well, not often..) the black fur on the white duvet: that zoom groom rubber brush thingy meant for brushing cats is better put to use removing black fur from white duvet covers, sez our mom. makes for good co-habitation. we have same white markings on stomach, BRODERS!!!!

  8. oh estorbo!
    you are such a cuteness when you sleep! hmmm. cashmere. lucky boy. ;o)