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Friday, April 4, 2008

News One

News One ees essiteen' an' distorbeen' ad the same time. Meester Lee's Cadcam arribed, but the Wooman wond open eed. She ees waiteen' por Beence to geeb technical suppor'. Een the meantime she ees traineen' me to carry eed aroun' my negh by tyeen' me orp een preedy scarbs. My gard. I doan need trainen'. I yam nard a keetten! An' Beence ees breengeen' por me a snab-collar - so eef I ged stock (I nebber ged storck) een sometheen', eed onsnabs so I woan' hang myself frarm the negh teell I die.

Ees true.


  1. ROTFL 'Storbie, you look like you have a tooth ache! That's the best picture ever!

    Any way, soon, we get to find out where you hide your supply of cockroaches...

  2. Estorbo, Feline Compadre.
    Smashing bandana.

    I just want you to know, that human woman I own, she's been saying "ooohhh Estorbo, what a charmer he is...oh look, Boo, he's such a gentleman, isn't he, look at his eyes" and so on and so forth...she fancies you, mate. So I thought I'd let you know. I hope we can be mates nonetheless. And good luck with the cat cam contraption. Cheers, old pip.

    With best regards, &tc,

    - Boo.