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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ad las'!

My CadCam uses a lard ob jugo, man. One treeple AAA baddery por every session. Ees bad. So Beence, my hombre, sent a rechargeable sed ob batteries weeth charghair. I can use then again an' again an' again an' again an' again an' again an' Ow!

Fors' I am feetted oud weeth my equeepmend: eed onsnabs eef I ged stork. I nebber ged stork.

An' the the Wooman tells me, Go somewhere essiteen'! Go to the neighbours, Estorbo, go to see the sonset, the dawn, the raccoon, the carckroaches, the peegeeons. Are you crazee, I as' hor? Do you theenk I wan' you an' 11 order people to know where I go, whad I do, weeth wheech and to whom? No! I yam an artees'...I loogh ad form, stroctchair, mood.

I call theese: Forebodeen' Sky ob Eell Omen

What? No! eed's nard forgheen' sushi, eeds' art!

Red Wall Reflecteen' my Honger

The Feeg: Desolade Seelhouette of Forbeeden Fruid

Thank you very moch. Si, I know, your chile' coul' do thees. Bod the meaneen', the years ob esperience, the relleenquisheen' an' then olitamade dissolution ob, only a Master ees capable ob thees. An' thad Master woul' be me.


  1. Red wall, my favourite. You take good reds. Now can we get a bit of the roof, and some preys? Use the years of experience and the olitamade dissolution of your hunting technique...

  2. My honteen' teghnique ees muy refine', aghtuallle...eed ees nard deesolude ad all.