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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Abuse ob the arteest

Eed had corm to my attention thad my image was used to prarfeet the Wooman, weethoud my permission: in early Februaree she gabe a Talk (yes, I mean, si, hilarious, I know), and the Talk concluded, and was ponctuated by, an EEMAGE (or eemages) ob me. Please see below.

Yes, I mean, si, she gard laughs. Cute, said the audience, and I say: Where are my Royalties???

[me, today, in Brookleen, weeth permission]

Also, the following words wore tybed beside me, as eef I had ottered them: "Where the hell ees she??" Como? I knew where she was. Een forgheen' South Afreeca. I was loogheen' por the squeerel. I am meesrepresented.

Does anyone know a goo' lawyer?


  1. You've got it all wrong, Don de la Bodega. The "audience", as you put it, was very receptive to cute cats and you can be sure that if any of them ever visits, there are guaranteed pellets in the deal...

  2. It's not Bodega, Beence, it's Beauxdégas :)

  3. "Abuse of the Arteest as a Young Cad"
    Sounds very Irish... Joycefully so.