blank'/> The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana: Where ees the peeg?

Friday, November 23, 2007

Where ees the peeg?

She poot the peeg een a bag...

Geeb me the peeg!

Yesserday eet was there: onder the blanghet an' the coat.

I meess the pig. Eet was warm, an' smelled goo'...

Maybe eef I see' tarn the coa' eet weel corm bagh?

Call me meenky.

Pee Ess: eef you hab no idea whad the peeg ees, read the Wooman's blordee blarg.


  1. Estorbito, you look so disappointed. Maybe you and I should make a special request for another pig...

  2. You gard any cheeps por barganeen'?

  3. I've got plenty but you'll have to close your eyes... ;-)

  4. Gard.

    Cheeps. Barganeen' cheeps.

    Nard whad they gard een Australia, nard small cheeckens. Lighe the cronchee theen's tad corm een bags an' you ead. Cheeps.

    Een Afreeca eed ees cows.

    Miam. They maghe meelk....

  5. Goats, sheep? Me, I thought it was diamonds...

  6. Oh...Barganeen' cheeps! you mean beginning cheaps...oh...ok...(??) But where IS the pig, and most importantly, why is the rhum gone?

  7. ..ze...rhum?

    Como, a Rhum weeth a Biew?

    An' a Barganeen Sheep woul' be: Do I hear a d-o-o-o-ollar for this luc-e-e-e-rne? D-o-o-o-llar f-e-e-e-e-fty?

  8. Ah, Bobo, clearly the Woman has not let you watch Pirates of the Caribeans yet...Not a roum with a biew, Rrrrrhum! the liquid that makes cats purrrrrrr...ask Beence, once he's done with his pastoral duties (chickens, sheeps, cows etc) he'll know.

  9. BTW Beence, hab you decided how moch lobola to pay for the Wooman?