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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Leebeen' wage y bedhair worgh carndeetions

Seeck? I was nard seeck!? I was arn Strighe!

When a cad strighes, he strighes.

Now thad my deman's hab been med (toogh a larng forgheen' time - managemen' ees berber' stobborn, also stupeed), the Wooman  taghe to hor bed. Whad ees orp weeeth thad?

Y where are my treads?

Pee ess: I HADE EGGS!


  1. I have to side with the Wooman on this one, Don Estorbo. After all she has been through during your strike, she can rest in bed as long as she wants.

  2. Pleased to see you feeling (and behaving!) a little better.

  3. Estorbo, let her rest for a while and she will once again be at your beck and call. Maybe she will share a little nibble of her breakfast with you.

  4. Don Estorbo I am so glad to know that you are feeling better! You gave me a fright. I bet the Wooman has a serious need for your cuddles to revive her caregiving mojo.

  5. You do look much better, it was noticeable in the first photo today!