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Monday, April 21, 2014

I am beesy

I yab been beesy.


Fors', I farm eenside.

Secon', I farm ou'side. Weeth the forgheen bords.

The Wooman say I mos tell you abou' tesds. I when to the ved two weeghs ago. Beeg forgheen' deal. A whole day een car, ad ved, ad home again, por whad? All because I throw orp my pelleds twice.

Eberytheen' ees A-OK. My blord, my pee, my heart, my forgheen' longs. EBERYFORGHEENTHEEN' worghs goo'.

Dr Slade geeb me a toy, see the leopard-spart?

Bod the trauma. The Wooman needs to ged a TB. Nard enorf entertainmen' een her libe so she mos creade drama...Or ees thees the only way she ged to see Brookleen, weeth me in forgheen ambulance?

Seeck, seeck.

Neghs time led them sorgh oud YOR blord, I say.

So. Bag to farmeen'. The bords laugh ad me. The dorfs, the house feenches, the forgheen red cardinal. Then there ees the bor' whad soun's como the Wooman's waghe orp alarm. The whide throad sparrow. Eep, eep, eep.

I am theenkeen' ob recipes por bords. Maybe I wride a recipe boogh.


  1. A recipe book is a good idea. Pellets this way, and pellets that way. Pellets with a side of grass. Pellets with appetizer-nibblers passed from the dinner table. Maybe you could throw in some stories about your life in Harlem, and get the Smoothman to make some pretty pictures of the neighborhood. I hear the Wooman tests recipes (for a fee).

    So glad to hear your test results are good, my buddy!

  2. YES! So happy to hear you're OK, Storbie! Keep hunting my friend!

  3. ad leest ju got a toy out of eet. leopard-spart ees mi favorito color!

  4. Happy to hear that you are well and that you're busy farmeen'. Midnight asked me to tell you that if you write a bord cook boogh, she will buy it. I said "porque why" .... Midnight doesn't cook the bords she catches. She jus brings them into the house and eats them raw under the dining room table.

  5. Dr. Slade is a very smart human to give his favorite patient (it has to be YOU) a toy for being so good. Very glad to hear you are well and continuing your farmeen'

  6. Storbito my hero, if you write a pellet-recipes book and other recipes made in you, it will be a very good success but let the Wooman help, she knows something about salt and fines herbes!!

  7. Por favor Estorbo - wride in your boogh aboud mouse-flabor pellets. Then maybe senor Gus y senor Rocket will starp breenging dem in por me to coogh...