blank'/> The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana: Zombiecad? Who, me?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Zombiecad? Who, me?

The Wooman say: SnaboudobeedEstorbo.

She say: Yourpeopleareworry'abou'you.

My people.

I yab people?

She say: Your people whad hel' pay your bed beells, you stupeed cad! After your las' pose' they theenk you are a zombiecad!

Stupee'. You are calleen' me...stupee'?

She say: Focus, Estorbo!

I am so focus'.

STUPEE' ?!?!

She say: *eyeroll*

Eef you need, me, I say, I weell be arn the roop, carntrolleen' my caddle. I yab to breeng them down frarm the high pasture'.

Weenter ees cormeen'. They need a warm place to sleeb.


Yos sayeen'.


  1. Oh my gosh, Estorbo, you make me laugh out loud. I like the photo.

  2. Lesson learned: Estorbo likes to tell a tall tale, the taller, the better. Exaggerations make for better stories.

    Glad to see you out of your corner and back in the saddle again, rustlin'.

  3. Hola! We are pleased to read this, hermano.
    We will tell the secretary when she comes back.

  4. So thees mean the zombie appogholeeps ees abert por now, y the caddle appogholeeps ees yed to corm?

  5. Pleased that you're back in the saddle, Storbie

  6. I don't know, Estorbo. Tino, who is 12, has started chasing his tail. He catches it and the most terrible YOWL results. I think you have clarified the problem for me-- he has turned zombiecat.

  7. hey estorbo -

    have you ever seen that clip called "herding cats"?

  8. sigh, Estorboloco, perhaps you rebound when you imagine me skaweezing you, after all.