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Thursday, August 23, 2012


An' the Wooman wondhairs porquewhy I laugh at hor, como Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajajajajajaja.

Eed ees because she walghs lighe a crab. Yoomans. Nard preedy.


  1. Yours walks like a crab, mine falls a lot (and she doesn't quite land on her feet). What can we do with them?!

  2. Hola, Hermano! You are so right. These bi-peds have no grace and not much balance. Is it my fault Dinah bumped her knee on the wall? I tried to tell her to move faster...

  3. The Smothers Brothers used to sing a song about that:
    Herman met Sally on the beach one night,
    The sea was calm and the starfish were bright.
    She looked at him and he looked at her it was true love at
    first sight.

    Well, Herman told his folks about the girl that he found,
    They said,
    "Herman there must be other girls around. 'Cause crabs walk
    lobsters walk straight and We won't let you take her for
    your mate."

  4. Oh, you would laugh at us, too, Storbie. We walk all kinds of sideways in our house. Mostly because it seems to be Keith's mission in life to trip us, preferably when we're coming downstairs, but the kitchen will also do.