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Saturday, June 18, 2011


The fruits arn the terrace are geddeeen' ripe an' the Wooman geebs me the wile' strawberries. I no ead the order kine'. Also I yam eadeen' the wile grass an' then I maghe orpchorck eenside. She doan' lighe thees, so she ees pulleen' oud all the grass. She toogh away my Yapanese fores' grass so I can ead eed no mas. Ees cruel.

I yab been beesy worgheen' arn my exheebeetion.  Ees collection ob sign abou' NO DARGS. I weell pose' eed soon. Ees berber' essiteen'.


  1. No grass ...OMG! Our cat run has grass and other yummy weeds in it, and I ead it and maghe orpchorck in the living room all the time. I'd better not let the human read this post or she might get ideas about taking my grass out, too! Hitting "Close" ...

  2. Seems most unreasonable. What's a little orpchorck among friends?

  3. Estorbo, as adorhable/guapo as the photos weeth your keetens are, ees as weeeelll, la pelicula tenebrosa de su extreeme clarse arp weeth the strawberry. Ai ai ai, your leetle fruit eeteen fang ees eemposeen...

  4. Hola! Hermano, you must tell your wooman that, while strawberries are nice, you need your grass.Remind her how considerate you are to spit on the parquet, not the duvet!

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  6. Sorry you lost your grass, Storbie.
    I am an indoor cat, living on the 37th floor. No terrace, no grass, but sometimes I eat my kibble too fast and "orpchoorck" just the same.
    My woman cleans it up and gives me bad looks.
    Instead of strawberries I like bananas.

    Your friend Tizzy

    PS I LOVE your blog!!

  7. my cats bomeet stuff inside too - it's not fun to clean up and even worse to try to figure out if it is hairball, something random got eaten, sick kitty.... and they hide them from me.

    we like soomhair too - its our favorite... so is your blarg

  8. I'm de new cat at Flamblogger. I was supposed to be black, but my wooman knew a good kat when she saw it and woomph! here I am! Lots of cuddles and plenty to eat. Tell your wooman to visit me at my debut on Flamblogger so you can see how good I am.

  9. a leetle orpchorckin' is good fur the soul--'ow can the 'ooman endanger yer soul??? you bedder bide 'er onna laig! or at least neep 'er.

  10. priceless photo.
    Storbee you are somethin' else !!

    xo BleetNEss, Oliver & Virgil
    les Chats de Rue LeNoire

    plus de orpchork around here - our favourite spot on the dawgs bed - tee hee

  11. Storbee - pees don fourget to send me an inbitation to de openeen ob ur exhibishone ob dawgs. Tanks frm Princess Sophie ob Joburg