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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Hermano, eed's time to go home.

Or tell os where you are. We'll corm an' fedge you.

Maybe you are cormeen' to beeseet me een Brookleen.

I weell loogh por you.


  1. This makes me so worried too, Estorbo. My brother had a horse for 20 years, Ben. They were such pals there in the Arizona dessert where hard things happen. Ben didn't come home one night when there had been a terrible storm, as he always had. It takes a lot of getting used to. Let's hope Deets is one his way to Brooklyn.

  2. Thanks for being on the lookout, my friend.

    Deets' mom

  3. Here in Florida, I was looking high up in a tree for mangoes, and there was a pure black cat looking down at me. I hoped it was Deets come to visit me, but no. We all love him, and hope he turns up soon. At home!

  4. you're such a good amigo, storbie.

  5. This makes us feel so sad. We do hope he is going to make it home.

  6. I yam ber' worried por the coyotes...Deets ees goeen' to keell them eef they barder heem.

    When I was meesseen' the Wooman tole' me she was crazee.

    I try' to corm home bod I was storck, so she rescue me.

    We weell rescue you Deets, when we are sleepeen'. Then we weell corm to where you are.

  7. The human gets that sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach whenever she learns of a kitty friend gone missing. We are sending out purrs and good energy for Deets to find his way home.

  8. Hola... mi amo Handsome... a beeg buhlack rottwhiler dog. I weel keep mi ojos opin for ju een thee state uv Virginia.

    Hasta Pasta

  9. Hermano, if this gets through to you, please send our best purrs to Deets' Wooman and also to Smoothman's sister for Pasha.
    Blogger is eating comments all over the place.

    Geiger y Sporran

  10. What a worry. I know I also go crazeeeee always when cats go off on a wander. Lennie, Flora and I are keeping the light in the window for Deets.