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Friday, April 23, 2010

Washeen' orp.

Seence the Wooman ees goeen' blablabla abou' hor feesh sopa recipe (why she call eed Boo-lla-bes??? la-de-da), an' she no bardhair to tell you how to clean the forgheen part afthair wor's, I yam theenkeen' I mos' show you:


  1. Love the foot-in-the-bowl, Estorbo!

  2. Hola! Oh yes, we are excellent pot-cleaners, too.

    Stoopid blogger says we do not exist!We will ask Dinah to do it...

  3. Cat spit, the universal solvent.
    Lounge Kats

  4. I have a dog who is a pretty good washer-up too. No on the table, though!

  5. Glad I'm not the only one with forgheen dirty dishes!
    You're good to be so helpful, Estorbo!

  6. Does it work as well if your left foot is not in the bowl? Say if your right foot was in it? Or back left?
    Pasha who-wants-to-know