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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Seeyeen' the lighd

Today I yam makeen' worghoud. I yam purifyeen' my bardy.


Fors' ob all came yoomans las' night call Bonbon and Heem, weeth geefts. Bonbons por the Wooman, charcolade rabbeeed por the Smoothman, an' plasteec bag ob Heaben por me. An' a peenk mouse.

I went loco. I was nard een carntrol. Heem show' me the bag. I went swipescratchageebeedtome NOW! Dios mio. Delicioso beyon' beliep. All thees time the Wooman ees telleen' me she ees groween' me fresh drorgs arn the terrace. No carmparison, man. Whad they grow een Greenpoin' ees the reeal deal'! I roll' obehair. I bead the air weeth my feed. When the yoomans try to torch me I make swipe ad them an heess. Nebber hab they seen me lighe thees. I feel muy sexeeeeeee!

The Smoothman tells them they are makeen' me high an' he remobes me to the bedroom por Time Oud. He poods me arn the bed an' says Sleep!

Sleep??? Are you keedeen' me? I yam awaghe. Para the for's time een my Libe! Hab you ever really looghed ad your paw?*

Soon I was bag an' playeen weeth the peenk mouse teell they toogh eed away frarm me. The yoomans was laugheen sormtheen' terreeble. Talgheen' abou' makeen T-shorts and my campaign for Borough Preseedend. Why there ees a 'g' een campaign? Eeengleesh...

Thees morneen' eed ees all a leedle fozzy. I mos purify my mine'. I mos' plan my future.

* Heem weell be my campaign manager. He ees goo' weeth soun' bides. I yam goo' weeth real bides.


  1. Wow, sounds like that was some good, potent stuff!

  2. Hermano, I just knew it was a matter of time before you ventured into the politcal waters. I guess the "gift" from Bonbon and Heem was all the encouragement you needed. Yes you must prepare ... I hope Heem will prove to be a good campaign manager. Are the Wooman and Beence prepared for your transformation into a political animal?

  3. I will move to Nueva York just to vote for you Estorbo!

  4. Hola, hermano! We are not so sure about this politickin.'You would have to go on the hustings and we think that might involve the "unattractibe barx."
    But if your campaign manager can record your manifesto (catifesto)live, from the Terrace, perhaps it will work.
    We will ask about poxy votes.

  5. The girls' spelling is a worry! Should read "proxy" votes.

    and wv is pawnit

  6. You're pretty cool with all that potent stuff, Storbie -- but watch out that your past doesn't catch up with you if you go into politics.

  7. The dried-up 'nip is much, much better than the green kind. When you hit the campaign trail, you can always tell them you sniffed the catnip but you did not inhale any.

  8. el jefe, i'm not so sure you wan jeem as your campaign manager. brooklyn will turn into a catnip den of iniquity.
    you were a fine host storbie, a fine high as a kite host with the most.