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Thursday, January 14, 2010

There ees sormtheen' behine' you

[Aborf: I yam cormeen' weeth you...]

I attaghed the Wooman. She was ad the carmpudehair an Beence was standeen' behine' hor. She was gedeen' tense because she mos' geeb a Talgh een Cape Town arn forgheen' Rooptarp Gard-Hens and the deesc was nard loadeen' righd.

So whammo shazzam kerpow &!*^%#$^& I was een an' oud frarm behine' hor lighe a smardbomba and ran away. She scream. Lighe a peeg.


I doan' lighe eed when yoomans are tense. They mos' SNAB oud ob eed!!!!!

I beed hor arm, I made yompa to reach eed. She go an' wash eed an say I yam loco, crazee, my head ees nard righ'...

Bod I yam righd. I know whad ees goeen' to happen.

Please to play Meester Samuel L Yackson to onnerstan' me.

Amen, brordhair!

Whad I said.


  1. Yes, Estorbo, I understand about transferred tension. Even dogs can be affected.(Of course, cats are more sensitive.)

    That's a very smart travel bag you have there!

  2. Ouch! Estorbo! Take pity on you poor human. Do I dare preach at you? How about "Vengeance is mine, I will repay says the Lord". I surely think you've got cabin fever. But are they going to leave you again??? You know you might try this adage on them: "You catch more bees with honey". Be so snuggly and sweet that it will tear them apart to leave you.

  3. P.S. Those cushions are magnificent! Very appropriate for his Magnificence, the blag cad.

  4. Yep, they're leaving you again and you can feel it, can't you? And you told "her" you weren't happy about it, didn't you? You're a tough cat Estorbo. Be strong.

  5. Storbito, have you ever tried Rescue Remedy? I understand its a new age kind of herbal thing that humans use. I think cads can use it too. But *sigh* the yoomans are leaving and you can feel it. Forza!

  6. rise above, my brrthrr, rise above.
    it'll be ovrr an thyll be back beforr ya now it.

    [i'd watch owt frr tawk of ayrstreems tho. ]


  7. Estorbo, biting is Not Good...but we understand how sensitive you are to how stressed out your Wooman is...maybe not a good idea to add to it!

  8. I feel your pain, hermano ... (and the human feels Marie's!) Donatella's suggestion may work for you. Cats can use Rescue Remedy ... a few drops in your water bowl should suffice. Buena suerte!

  9. Pee Ess: Maybe the rescue remedy will work for the wooman as well ...