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Sunday, December 9, 2007

There EES a Gard....' hees name ees Beence:

I greed heem uparn arrible. He smeels como feesh. Thees ees a goo' sign.

He onpaghs sometheen', an' star' to prepare eed.

Oh. My. Gard.

Oh. My.Gard.

I yam een Heaben...


  1. Glad somebody finally took the matter in their own hands... Good job Beence.

  2. First time I'm touched to hear someone say I smell like fish...

  3. Leesten, PAPA. The Wooman smells lighe sheet: Chanel numero 19. You, when you arribed, you were holdeen' salmon por me. I lorf you. You are gread. You doan' scream ad me and throw peellow agains' door. You breeng feesh. You pull streeng. You torture me the way I lighe..corm bagh.