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Friday, May 25, 2007

Forgheen' Flowers

Sheet. Thees weegh has been stressful. The terrace soddenly is full ob flowers. Two nighds ago all hell break-a loose. The bozzer keeps goeen' Bozz! Bozz! Bozz! an all these people keep walkeen' eento my house and sayeen', Oh loogh, whad a cude keedy. Whad ees HOR name? How ole' is SHE?
Hombre! Ees eed nard obbeeious thad I yam a man? So I go to the roop an' hide. Eed ees stupeed pardy por the forgheen' flowers, can you belieb eed? Do I ebber ged a pardy? No. Por my borthday? No! por appreciation ob my companionsheep? No.

1 comment:

  1. Poor Estorbo! Whie I understand how frustrating the party must have been for you - I was still happy to see you again! You've slimmer and trimmer than when I last saw you - you must be giving all the pigeons and squirrels on the roof a good run! And thank you for acknowledging me at the party. I understand that you choose your human male friends carefully - I'm quite honored.