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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My awar'

I yam Dominicano. I can taghe the head.

Bod I worn my especial carmendation por endurance arn the terrace een Harlem.

You know whad ees my secred? Doan' tell nobardy, or maybe they taghe eed away:

 (I ornzeep my forr!)

Now can sormworn tell me why the forghe my medal says Cape Argus Cycle Tour???


  1. I believe that Cape Argus Cycle Tour is code for "Fabulous".

  2. You get a medal and you complain about what's written on it? Besides, Anne is right. Fabulous.

  3. You look mighty fine in red, big fellow!

  4. Hola! Hermano, red is a good colour for you.(And don't let them repossess your awar'.Bury it in the litter box if you need to hide it!)

  5. you are right Estorbo, you should have your own medal with your name on it