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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cad arn a wall

A bad photo (the Wooman!) ob a good photo (the Smoothman!).

I yam forgheen' gorgeous am I nard?

The Smoothman is testeen' the preents frarm his new arnline sharp. Naturally, mine was the fors' peecture to arribe een a beeg flad barx. My eemage ees preent' arn a super-lighweid metal. Ees forgheen' classy. The Wooman squeal. She has no class.

When the sharp ees open, I led you know.


  1. Forgheen' gorgeous? Honey, you got no argument from me.

  2. Very nice, Estorbo. You make a good spokes-cat for the new shop.

  3. You are handsome and Beence is very talented. How could he miss with you as a subject.

  4. Estorbo! We are forgheen dazzled by your photo, how can we get one?


  5. so berber handsome
    on arnodhair topic, my cad Jasphair hab typhoon - not losen wiegh' yet - he cannard stop talken 'boud eet. you still thing ees goo to hab radioaceeb drargs in your seestem?

    1. Poor Jasper! If he is responding well to the drug, twice daily (is he on Methimazole?), then it's fine. If you can always give it to him so regularly, of course. Stobie was fine on it for quite a long time. In the last couple of months before his radioiodine treatment he was eating poorly and not happy, though. The actual treatment is scary, as the kitty has to be isolated for some days, but once it is over life is much easier. Estorbo is happier and relaxed and swears a lot less than he used to. The cost if high, but we were so lucky to have so much support.

  6. Forgheen' gorgeous! Look at your beautiful green eyes!

  7. Estorbo, you have been immortalised. What a good idea to use lightweight metal instead of paper!

  8. Forgheen classy AN forgheen hermoso!!