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Friday, February 28, 2014


The polar beartex ees bag.

Ees seetteen' arn Nuevo York.

I weell slay eed weeth my grandeur.

Eed weel retread, wheempereen'.

I weel torn eed eento a rog!


(Can sormworn sen' me some meettens??)


  1. so friggin' handsome !
    stay warm Storbie
    xoxox S & les Gang

  2. Great portrait of you, Storbie! The new daybed cover suits you.

  3. I yos' shorbel dribeway y I wear meettens, eenstea' ob my glorbs, y bord feathair coad weeth hoord. Ees steel forgheen freezeen'. I hade weentair. Stay worm amigo.

  4. Estorbo, I yam leeveen een Los Angeles, where we yar habin our first real rain ob the last oh, cuarenta anos or so. Batten down los hatches, we yar all gonna fload lejos. STORM WARTCH!!!!
    La Lluvia Vortex!! See, eets not all sunshine, surfairs, estrellas de la cinema and lollipops oud here on the Coast Izquierda....

  5. Good to see you are staying warm, hermano! See, that forr rug is good for sometheen. I don't think the polarbear bortex is any match for you and your mighty roar. Eeeeeeeep!

  6. Bud you HAB meetens - boodifool blag belbety meetens to march yor code! Stay regal amigo! :)

  7. Hola!Good to see you, hermano. Our Man says bad words when he reads about the polar bear vortex(he still suffers from living in a town called Edmonton!)

  8. Stay warm Storby!

  9. I don't think I could love the phrase "blag belbety meetens" any more....