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Thursday, January 16, 2014

The fine' preent

The bible ees wrarng.


Eed say: Een the house ob my fardhair there are many rooms.


Ees typo.

Shou' be: Een the house ob my fardhair (y mordhair! Ees so sexeest...) there are many DOORS.

Cad heaben. Ees full ob open doors. OPEN doors. Cads do nard lighe a close' door. Y when we fine the door open, we seed een eed. Een the meedle. Then we can see both ways. The future y the pas'.

Sormeone tell the pobleeshairs.

Feex thad typo.

Een order news: where are my forgheen' bords!? Eber seence the Wooman erected the fancy bord feedhair, no bords.


  1. Bords are bery feekle. Joos when ju put out a feedhair, dey go souf. Maybe een dee spring.

  2. Hola,hermano! We have bords here.The tree-by-the-wall is flowering and many,many pretty birds come.

  3. Yes! That's the reason we sit in doorways - to look behind and look ahead. You have cracked the mystery for the humans. As far as bords go, we have many, since we've had little winter here in California. I hope yours return soon. Midnight says the towhees are especially tasty.

  4. Oh Storbie. You sound so unhappy since the move to Harlem. I hope you're adjusting.

    1. No comprendo. Door ees open. I yam een heaben.

  5. The birds suffered the Polar Vortex, Estorbo. But they will return because there are always more birds. They are like caddle, always making more.

  6. As T.S. Eliot said about the Rum Tum Tugger, "He's always on the wrong side of every door."

    We miss seeing you on the roof, Storbie! How is your health?

  7. Ai ai ai, djew are bery wise Estorbo, an djew make me theenk of dees pos' I yab wreeten a while ago Good luck we' de forgheen bords...