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Saturday, December 21, 2013



I yam theenkeen' berber har'.

The Wooman deed nard retorn.

All day I yam lef' alone while the Smoothman worghs...

The Smoothman cannard starp eadeen' farndue.

A cad can only ead so moch cheese.

So I yam theenkeen'.

There can be only worn answer.


The Corg.


  1. Hola! Hermano, we are having trouble leaving comments. I think the Secretary will have to do it. But we want to say that we think all will be well.But if there is Corg Trouble, we're ready to ride, hermano!
    Geiger y Sporran

  2. Gasb! Ju theen' they hab'seemilade hor?

  3. Those darned dargs! Haven't they done this before, tried to keep the Wooman for themselves? I read the Wooman was chasing the Corg around the lawn, trying to run their freakishly small Tyrannosaurus rex legs off their bodies. Looks like that plan backfired, and now they have the upper hand!

  4. Hermano! Nard The Corg! But as G & S said, neber fear ... your posse is ready to ride! We will sabe the Wooman!

  5. Kitty! I can't believe you just told the whole world about my cheese fondue issue! It was supposed to be a secret!