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Sunday, November 10, 2013

My new libe

I say to the Wooman: Wooman?

She say: Cad?

I say: When are we goeen' home?

She say: We are home, Storbie.

I say: No, we are nard.

She say: I know. Bod we mos 'stay here.

I say: Porquewhy? I meess the roop.

She say: I know, keedy, I meess eed too.

She say: Een the spreeng, eed weell be bedhair.

I say: Porquewhy?

She say: We weell seed ou'side more, y we weell fine' you a nice new borch larg to maghe scratcha.

I say: Oh.


I say: Are you sad?

She say: Yes.

I say: Me too.

Pee ess, I say: Theese ole chair you bough' ees forgheen' sleepery. Whad ees the beeg deal? I wan' a cashmere couch!

She say: We all wan' a cashmere couch Estorbo, now seed down y shorddop.

I say: I yam tryeen' to seed, bod I keep sleepeen' bagwar's.

She say: Then ged a greep.

I say: You ged a forgheen' greep. Eef I ged  a greep I weell maghe-a scratcha arn thees ole' forgheen chair y you weell shoud ad me. Again.

She say: Estorbo, you are high maintenance.

I say: Taghes worn to know worn.

She say: *&%%$* cad.

I say: &(^$&* Wooman.

...(to be carnteenued)


  1. Change is not easy, hermano. Harlem will grow on you.

  2. Maybe a soft, warm throw for the slippery chair?

  3. Hang in there, Estorbo. Things will get better, dude!

  4. looks like the sort of chair bi-peds use for ..ahem...their litter box!

  5. I yam sad tha' you y the wooman are sad, Estorbo...ees hard to move, even when it ees necesario y muy bueno de muchas maneras.

  6. Hang on dude...change is hard. Try for a nap and and a feesh, it will get better.

  7. I remember those chairs from elementary school. Awful. Sorry, Estorbo, they can not be made comfortable. Amy

  8. Tell the wooman to take a piece of carpet (with pile) to your chair. Then you can greep and not worry about messing up the fabric. She could also turn it into a "fashion statement" and paint the rest of the chair. Tell her it was your idea.

  9. I lub him, plain & simple …
    deep mad, crazy blag cad lub
    xoxo Susan & the (now 4*) cads of Rue LeNoire
    *itty bitty Betty is puttin' the boys in der place

  10. Settling in serenely, I see..... It does get better, but it takes time. We would love to see pictures!

  11. Oh i so much feel your... Melancholy Storbie. Is that an English word? I'm not sure what to say. Being with your two humans is the main thing isn't it? Will you be all right when they go to the Cape or are you gonna get depressed?

  12. Hola, hermano! Our Secretary tells us your people are going away again. Storbie, if you have any trouble from that Ted-the-Hacker just let us know. .