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Sunday, October 6, 2013

We mos go north

The Wooman says my keettens wen' north. So we are goeen' north to fine' them. 

Eef the sky does nard fall arn my head, for's.

These chaos mos en':

My agua tasdes lighe sheet. Full ob dos'.

Ees there agua een Halem, or should I pagh extra meelk?


  1. Lookin' good, hermano! The new place will have room for you to stretch out and for really long Roomba rides.

  2. I know nothing of Harlem except that there used to be a lot of blag cads there playing music for all to enjoy. And I think Bill Clinton had an office there. I imagine they have plenty of water and milk for you and your keettens. Go north, Estorbo. It is your destiny.

  3. No te preocupes, hermano. A beeg, blag cad like you will do just fine in Harlem. And I suspect you will have all the agua you want.

  4. Do you stell have that calender for sale or are they all gone, Don Estorbo.\? Move where you wanna go, thas all I can say.

    Ziva Zophia , (aka Zkhat)

  5. Lovely boy I'm sure you will have all the aqua and melk you need in Harlem.

  6. You'll have more of everything, kitty, except a horizon. But that too, in time, will expend...