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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Elevated threat level

Ladies and Gentleman, there has been a perimeter breach on the rooftop.

We can inform you that the threat has been contained. Our personel felinel, are on the scene and the entire area is under surveillance.

Regarding what the Sheep said, however:

That's classified.

Talk to Mr Snowden.


  1. Love Storby's security shirt and i.d. card. He carries the look off so well!

  2. Err, unfortunately the ID card is actually a cat cam... ;-)

  3. Storby's da man! Love his little body armor wrap--and of course, in jet black.. (This is New York, after all, where black fashion seems to reign.)

    He must remain vigilant however from all interlopers, including doughnuts, which seem to assail the security guard set.. No pot belly on Estorbo!

  4. What've you found, Don E? Show us the evidence!

  5. Cat Cam! Splutter...!!!
    Go! Storbie!