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Friday, September 16, 2011

Tryeen' to remembhair

Man, I had so many goo' ideas por a blag pose'. I was talkeen' to the Smoothman y the Wooman las' nigh' while they wor eadeen' sorphair  (they gabe me sorm cheese arn a moshroom) an' I was makeen' them laugh. Now I cannard remembair whad I was sayeen'...Sormtheen' about Major Tarmcad.

"Thees ees Major Cad to groun' carntrol..."


Y then whad happen'...?

Sorntheen' abou, "Plan-ned orth ees blue an' I doan know where to poo..."

I had the whole theen', man. I made them speed oud their fondue, they wor laugheen' so morch.

Now eed's garn. Am I geedeen' ole'?


  1. Estorbo, the reason you are forgetting is because the Wooman is selfeesh with the computer and you must wait days and weeks for blogging. Maybe you should just Twitter. You could use your phone for that and not need the computer. Oh sheet, maybe you don't have a phone?

  2. Perhaps you are... perhaps you are. LOL

  3. Viejo? Tu? No way, Jose! Just take your protein pill and put your helmet on ... that always helps me remember!

  4. It is the town you live in dude...
    I had to go to Queens and after driving through Manhattan to get to Queens I wondered how anyone ever gets anything done in NY. It saps the brain cells. (I live in PA.)

  5. Heeeere I yam floadeen' een my pelleds, high aborf the worl'....

    Amy - walgh, doan' dribe ^^

  6. Hola, hermano! Maybe you'd like to come over and jam with us? Dinah has to put the big plug in the socket, but I know how to press the sound switch on the piano.Sporran does percussion so we could use a vocalist.
    Maybe we could even make a movie like the one on our blog. Hmmm...might have to get an agent.

  7. Ok, 'Storbie, try this one:

    "Soy un gato muy honrado
    Que me gusta lo mejor
    A chicharras no me faltan
    Ni a las pellets ni el amor
    Jineteando sin caballo
    Por la terraza yo me voy
    Las estrellas y la luna
    Ellas me dicen donde voy
    Ay, ay, ay, ay
    Ay ay mi amor
    Ay mi pellet bowl de mi corazón"

  8. Might Estorbo have been partaking a bit of catnip before all this talking started?

  9. I was theen' ees maybe thad moshroom...

  10. Yes, just what sort of mushrooms were they????
    You're all mad and I love you.

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  12. Hi Storbie, that´s perfect for you:
    Tous les chats, de Charles Trenet

    Sur le toit de l'hôtel où je vis avec toi
    Quand j'attends ta venue mon amie
    Que la nuit fait chanter plus fort et mieux que moi
    Tous les chats tous les chat tous les chats
    Que dit-on sur les toits que répètent les voix
    De ces chats de ces chats qui s'ennuient
    Des chansons que je sais que je traduis pour toi
    Les voici les voici les voilà...

  13. Hey Estorrrbo! I ees a orarnj cad hoo speeks a lidl likes yoo. I iz Jaffa frarm da Yoo Kay. I reeds yor blarg wid my wooman ebery day bud she no lets me tyb....

  14. 'Storbo, you made me laugh, too. And no, you're not getting older honey, you're getting better.

  15. Howzit my china? Don't ask. It's what we safrican dogs say.
    And by the way, I got into a beeg dogfight yesterday - with a DALMATIAN
    A dof dumb dog. I'm OK

  16. ::sneekhair, sneekhair::

    we finks you haf eeten magic mushrooms;-) perhaps spreenkeld wif herbs?

  17. I love this cat. so beautiful. I have one named Sabby , he is nearly one year old, pitch black with yellow eyes..